Okay, so how to start this. Well my name is Anna. My real name is Lauriana, but I hate that name so I made up my own identity. My name is L for short now. I'm 14 years old and I am bi, please don't judge. I'm not a big church person and I'm kind of wondering if there really is a "God" or not. I know there are those people who think he is real, but I just don't know really. And if I go to hell because of it then, so be it. I luv my friends and yes I do have a girlfriend. I like someone else at the same time though so it's kind of confusing for me. I luv The Nightmare Before Christmas, it's like the number one movie in the world to me. I luv to draw and luv to write. I have accounts on a lot of sites so u can ask me if I'm on one of the sites ur on if u want. I luv talking to people so don't be shy. This world is mainly for people to post L related things, Near is okay, but please. This is a place, not to sound full of myself because i'm not, to post things for me. JK. But no seriously.

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Isn't this cute?

Aw, the luvers queral

I know I probably spelt that wrong but I fail hmk (lol dork moment)

LXLight image

credit:not mine

L and Light

Best couple ever, in my eyes


i had no idea where i could post it so um i hope its ok here if its not then just tell me and ill move it to your other world