Never throw brushes.

"Kadaj! Loz hurt my hair!" Ugh. Again.

"Then don't let him brush it anymore." Just as I had told him a million times before. Life was hell with those two. True, the three of us together became one person, for the most part. But the person was dead, just as we were. That's right, dead.

"Would you PLEASE tell them to be quiet?" Those two weren't just annoying me now, but also him. We were remnants of him. I looked at him, sitting next to me, the annoyance showing plainly on his face.

"You think I haven't tried?" Many, many times; even in life. They just REFUSED to shut up.

"If only those fools at Shinra hadn't taken Mother from me. I wouldn't have to deal with you children."

I winced at his calling me a child. I may have been the youngest of the three remnants, but I WAS the leader, representing his evil. My eldest brother was his strength, and the other was his allure. I grunted at that. Why allure? Sure, he was handsome, but I personally believe evil and strength to be better traits. I knew he noticed my grunt, be he ignored it.

I stood, walking to where my two brothers were arguing, very close to physically fighting. I snatched the brush from the elder's hand and threw it.

Those two cowered in fear. Not their usual reaction, my mind registered. I then realized where I had chucked the brush. Crap. Now it was my turn to cower, for the brush had hit the back of HIS head. Uh oh. Now I was in for it.