this was his job before being a detetive XD XD

HOT SO HOT *starts dazzing in the picture*

Love my Post

well people like my post. Who knew ^w^. well i love you guys and since this was my first world i thought it be a good place for this post lol.
well any way i know why the sky blue and the grass is green
thats right the answer was right under are nose if you want to be purple i suggest getting paint and then you can be purple well that all for this post hehehe

Why I Made My Otaku Name

Hello and this is my first fan word. I'm not really doing this to talk about me i just like entering challenges.^.^' Well I was going to make another world just for this but I'm only alloud to put 5 worlds. Okay back to the story. Before I actually start I must warn you I might get side tracked okay.

Well hm how I got my name. Its an intresting story, I hope you feel that way to. Me xdaisyx got my name from a character named Princess Daisy. Hoping you know her if not just ask. I wish I could take my name back I feel it upsets certain people but you can't change your name with out deleting your user. I was at a friends house when i made my user. They are also on the Otaku. My one friend told us about this place and we wanted to join. Well here I am standing before you writing or typing which ever you prefer. To me having this account reminds me of the old days. Memories if you will, to rember the good times and the bad. If i keep writing it going to strecth out and know one will want to read this. Also I am sorry if I missed spelled something I have problems with words. Maybe you want to call it lazy for not fixing it but I'm not sure if it's wright or not. Well I hope you enjoyed my first fan words.