Hiiii :D WEllcomeeeeeee to my world thingy! Here is a lil bit about mysellfff


NAME: Alyssa (you can call meh Aly)^-^

HEIGHT: 5,2(ish)


AGE: 14

Birthday: October 26

Eye color: Super Blue

HAIR: Short, and Dirty Blonde



Lady Gaga
The Killers (I LUV THEM!!)
Jay Sean
Taylor Swift
Franz Ferdinand
Justin Timberlake
Lonely Island (freakin hilariouss :DD )
Shiny Toy Guns
.......Yeaa anyting with a goooodd beat..



♥ I luv making people laugh, it makes my day :DD
♥ Apples are my favorite food.. They is good in anything :D
♥ I love wearing Short skirts or shorts cuz i think jeans are kinda uncomfortable. Bleh jeans
♥ I always have a ring on my finger I luv wearin them hehe so i wear a different one like everyday ^-^
♥ I LOVE DANCE!!! I have been dancing for about 10 years. ITS AWESOME
♥ I like playing my Wii ( I love Wii tennis, IMA BEAST AT)
♥ I luv playin my Bro's Xbox tooo Halo and Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 :DD
♥♥♥I FREAKIN LOVE ME SOME FOOTBALL!!!! (watching it that is) I luv da NU Cornhuskers and I like the NY Giants or Indianapolis Colts (:
♥ Also, I have a twin sister (: She has an account on here too. ^^

OH so temptin..

Ulquiorra looks pretty good in a sombrero.. XD

If you read all dis i will give u a cookie :D

Hallooo Everybodehh! I know a lot of peoples dont read this but blehh i dont care. ^^ I just feel like tellin everybodeh whuts up with my life and all dat stuff. Sooo yesterday at my dance class we are learning our dances and I is sooo excited about dat!! Especially my jazz dance its kinda sassy and i like it. Muahaha :3

I is also supah happy that everybody has a three day weekend!! Mhmm Martin Luther King Jr. Dayy!! I wish that guy wouldnt of died cuz he wuz pretteh awesome. Somtimes I wish i wuz alive when he wuz so then i could hear his speeches on the tv or maybe even in person!! That would of been so coool.

On Friday I went ice skating with my bestest friends in da world. It wuz awesome cuz they played like all my favorite songs so i could jam out to da tunes and skate and da same time!! One da friends with my is an actual ice skater so she wuz showin me all her mad skillz. I swear im like her 2 fan hahaha (Her mama is probably her 1st and i dont wanna compete with dat. O.O) One thing u never wanna do if ur friend is an ice skater and yer skatin with dem is to take their hand. Cuz trust me she/he will fling u across da damn ice rink and expect u not to fall on yer butt. yea its happened to me like 5 times haha.

Well dats it fer now!! ^^ PEACE OUT!!

nothin better

Sooo im just chillin on my couch watchin "Bugs Life" oh yeaa thats right Disney Pixar babayy lol :) I think you are never too old to watch these movies they is just too awesome!

Firstt Post (and Happy Holidays!)

well dis is it! Da da da daaaaa Its my first post! yay lol :P WElll its Christmas Break now and let meh tell you its about time! I have been waiting since November for this break! But guess what? a GIGANTO snow/ice storm is coming through on Christmas eve and is supposed to keep storming through Christmas. Soo im trapped in my house for the holidayz....... -.- not cool. But ohhh welll im sure Christmas will be fantastic no matter what. (: Soo are any of you peoples going anywhere for the holidays? Or are you stayin home like me? :D