Lts of Rant and fun!~

so I just had an amazing time on vacation! >//< I wish I could show you all my pictures! but since I can't, I'll just tell you about everything! <3~
my family just went on vacation. well, we don't do that much traveling, but It's fine by me, just to get out of the house is vacation enough for me!

unfortunatally, my sister couldn't get time off work, but one of my best friends came with us insted! >u< her name is bailey, and we've been friends for (i don't know--forever i guess)
we went to a store called Browners (actually, it's spelled weird, but that's how you say it! XD)
it's an all-christmas store that sells all kinds of amazing things >///< but you have to really like christmas to enjoy it! (that's all there is in that store. and it's HUGE! it's like a warehouse!) bailey got tired of it, but of course I didn't! :D

other than that we did lots of looking around. oh, and My dad finally got to eat at SONIC again! *laughs* you see, my dad loves sonic, and there isn't any close by where we live. his brother (uncle) Sol always brags about how he gets to eat at sonic in Colorado, so my dad sent his brother a picture of him chowing down on a sonic burger. it was more fun than it sounds. and I was impressed by the food. i am a sucker like that!<3

and finally...the highlight of my vacation. we went to Michigan's Adventure. an amazing amusement park in a town called Muskegon. it's kinda funny, the park is in the middle of nowhere. if you wern't absoulutly sure of where you were going, you'd probably think you got lost somewhere. :)
my friend Bailey and I went on all of the rollercoasters. (the big ones) most of them we went on multiple times..they were just so fantastic!
probably the best of them was shivering timbers. the tallest ride in the park. you get about 2 hills into it, and think "wow, it must be about half over" then you look over the hill and see that it has just started and think "oh HELL no!" it was so much fun. i love coasters.

just, when you see that. you'll understand.

also, the thunderhawk. it's one of the rollercoasters that you dangle your feet from. that was wiked! it felt like I was flying! also, the guy that announces everything made our day. he didn't just go over the same old spheal about how you need to "keep your hands and feet insde the cart" or "don't try to kick the seat in frot of you"--he made things so funny we all laughed. whle baily and I were waiting in line (front seat too!) he looks at us and says "and my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard...and they're like-it's better than yours"
oh shit. me and bailey laughed so hard. we went to go give him a thumbs up, and we noticed that he was wearing a flower in his hair. gosh he was adorable! >///<
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bailey will probably kill me for putting this here. but i give you a momento from our trip. a picture of us...and look where Lucy has her hands...must be a man in that suit...just saying....

I'm the one on the right. that's my sisters' burgandy tank top. that gave me tan lines D:...and bailey with her curly hair. hair is frizzy even when it's in a ponytail! HOW!?"
my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard, and there''s better than yours...yeahhhhhh"

i also won a Meowth stuffed animal from one of the games. payed 2 dollars. me and bailey are going to share him. we wanted the Squirtle, but we didn't have enough 1's to play it again! ;3;

anyway. i had an amazing time. but enough of that!
i will be getting my school scedule soon. so that means i need to get into school mode. blurgh....not fun!
also, our house is officilly up for sale...T^T i am so sad. i don't want to move!!!!!
anyway. let's meet up again everyone!

love you!!! <3