Come look at the freaks! *read please if you want to hear a real irritating story*

today, was a lot like any other day for us...
with a little excitement. i have a lot to say, and only one way to explain it...
today at lunch, we were doing out usual thing, talking about the video "hare hare yukai" and how mb and i want to do it for the talent show. then mb took off her awsome pichu hoodie she made. *yes, she MADE one! >//< it is so cute!* ...that is when the trouble started. hikaru (austen) told me to put it on. i did without hesitation. <3 while he was geeking out over it, skyler took out his DSi (which we aren't supposed to have at school anyway) and took a picture of me while wearing it.
ok...that isn't it.
"hikaru" put on my FMA hoodie, then we hugged.(hikaru LOVES hugs)
just then, waht did i see? a girl named....well i shouldn't say.... *SEARIA* took our picture on her ipod. :L that ticked me off.
she is also a preppy girl, so next thing you know, it will be all over the school. ;3;
so, after i take it off, some STUPID jock boys come around saying
"we want a picture with pikachu, we want a picture with pikachu." TO FRIGGEN BAD! again, that urked me....
so eventually, mb got annoyed (as did the rest of us.)
so she showed the mob of boys a yaoi picture....we laughed so hard, you should have seen the looks on their faces!also...i think they got the message...>:) and somehting tells me they will leave us alone for a little while.
but i want to say something to all of them, but i can't really say it out here it goes...

So, to all of you who pointed and stared..
What do you see here?
Do you see bizarre people doing outlandish things?
Well, I’ll give you something to reflect on….
For us, we do not see people who are so unusual that they should not be considered human, we are also “Roma” To us, and should be to all of you, we are simply daring to be different in a society of identical cookie cutter people, trying not to have fun, but to make life into a drama movie, and live the life of a judging, self-regarding hypocrite.
Take a look at yourself, and think about what you are doing BEFORE you persecute someone for being unlike the person you think you are….
Giving you something to think about….

hope it makes sense to more people than just me...^^'