"dear god, I've turned into some sort of hipster-otaku hybrid!"

welcome, it's nice to see you!

oh boy, what a ride I'M in for!! ^^

i am so happy, and today, right now, i have my tablet all hooked up and ready to go, i've been messing around with it, to figure it out, it's not that hard to understand..but it is difficult to use!!! i am so USED to mouse work!!^^' this is REALLY hard...so if any of you guys have any advice on how to best use my new "toy" please send me some help!! ^O^ very much appriciated!
i hope to get the hang of this soon!

FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST FANS:look at this at least once in your life...:3

i found this on youtube....O_O i love it soooo much
it turned me into a laughing puddle...:3
if you like lucky star and fullmetal alchemist: watch it now!


first off, we found these at some weird website...they are fun to read... i haven't read them all yet!! *nya* If you have 3 quarters, 4 dimes, and 4 pennies, you have $1.19. You also have the largest amount of money in coins wit...

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this is the most kick-butt roller coaster in the world!!!!
it's called the raptor,
it's at cedar point!!=^..^= that place is like a dream come true!<3
i was too afraid to go on the dragster though..plus it's line was killer!!
here's a picture of the raptor


man, i don't know wheather i'm really lucky, or not lucky at all..
I got sick yesterday, the day before that i was at cedar point (the world's most kick-butt amusement park of all time)
today i'm staying home, because i am sick..

and on top of that, im tired..
see you guys around!!