"dear god, I've turned into some sort of hipster-otaku hybrid!"

welcome, it's nice to see you!

Sorry everyone!

this i a post cocernig my "pay it forward" challenge. you might think i a ignoring you or just not online. both of those are false.
i am having issues getting comment boxes to open correctly, hence some people's questions aren't being answered. sorry about all that...SO if you have a questions or concerns, please put them in my comments here! I'll make another world post with answers up. also to everyone who has already submites, I LOVE THEM ALL!! T^T i had comments for all of them, but like I said, i can't get boxes open!
just know I do look at all comments and entries, I am trying my very best! *please forgive meeee!!*

Have a great day, smile: the world is already smiling at you!
Pay it forward challenge/

Things in the world of a nerd

I am sorry for this rant, i am just frustrated.
I also appologize if there are letters missing when i type, my new keyboard doesn't cooperate very well
first off I would like to say Merry Christmas/happy Holidays to everyone!! ^_^ i love you all!
next, i would like to ask you guys what type of tablet I should buy with my cristmas money...i would like to buy a new one, because as you might know, had died.
agrrrhhh..so please, i am increadably sorry that I still haven't posted any new art!!! >///< I don't want to sound like I am making up excuses, but I don't own a scanner anymore

And with this new contest thing that adam made up
I know i might sound vulgar, but i really don't see what the hype is about!
everyone is talking about how unfair it is, but to me-it sounds like a decent idea! ^-^ i don't want to sound mean or biased, but i think that that special someone deserves to be recognized, just like in a- for instance, a football team-
so that is my opinion, just saying!

I am waiting for a video to finish downloading to my PSP, but i will talk to you all later!please stay in touch, and please please please remind me to upload more stuff!! This is the only online family I have! <3
~with LOVE, KKs~

oh yeah, this is a picture I drew of my sister and her boyfriend bryan, i drew it with watercolor pencils <= which i LOVE!!

Well, SOMEBODY'S slacking off! >=<

well, I don't have our new computer yet, but It is almost done!!
*yay, i am so happy, i will get to be with my friends on the Otaku soon!!! ^^*
but If enyone hasn't noticed, my primium membership status is now gone...I MISS IT! :< but for some reason, I still have my signiture and my other title in my name!! *Alchemy Expert*
so, i don't know who is falling asleep while doing their job, but I am sure not complaining here!! ^^
Hope to be back soon!