"dear god, I've turned into some sort of hipster-otaku hybrid!"

welcome, it's nice to see you!


so my choir has been invited to participate in possibly the coolest thing ever imaginable. SINGING WITH ONE OF MY ALL-TIME FAVORITE BANDS!~

unfortunatally, the contest is based of a vote. the 2 highest voted choirs get to participate, and sing with them in feburary. /dies a little//, but since we aren't locals in the UP *Michigan* (we are in northern michigan, about 4 hours away from the concert hall), we are having a hard time getting votes! D:
there are unlimited votes, but I would be more than delighted if you all voted once! please help us on the path to victory!

thank you so much!
link to us singin'here, my good person!

vote here!

Livin' the dream?

ahhh...I really can't wait until summer...we only have 7 days of school left...*YES!*
tomorow is basically a free day with no-detention convention *which yes, i WILL be attending* and International day. (YUS!)
so let's just hope my ladies and I survive the rest of the school year. :l
Mood: ..meh...tired I guess..
Eating: nothing :>
Listening to: mumford and sons (FTW! >U<)
Fav color right now: Light Blue
Wearing: large (men's) hoodie, with plad * * (even though it's May,it's freaking cold out here...even for Michigan, this is COLD)
Wants?: for my internet to cooperate and download this song... *ravers in the UK*(it's been downloading for 35 minutes, it still has 24 minutes to go!:<),to magically have warm weather

cute, no?