About me: I have been known to be somewhat of a "hothead", but don't let that stop you from getting to know me! I am very freindly, and I absolutly love everyone! I am almost always found with a sketch book and a friend. I do tend to worry about things that I probably shouldn't worry about, and I run myself into walls. but I will be the best friend you could ever hope to find. so please, don't be nervous to talk to me!

anime: Fullmetal Alchemist /B/, Kamichama Karin/chu/,Tsubasa:resivior chronicle, xxxHolic,Deadman Wonderland,Hetalia,Baccano! ect.
Manga:kamichama karin/chu.,FMA,Tsubasa,Fruits Basket,Sailor moon,Hetalia,+Anima,ect
Manga artist: Koge-Donbo
Music Genre: Classic Rock
Bands:The Beatles,REO Speedwagon,Paul Simon,Electric Lights Orchestra,STYX, Queen,Super Junior,Nickleback (so many good ones)
Song: you know, I have so many, I can't possibly name them all...
Character:Zack Fair, Michiru Nishikiori, Sokka, Ed Elric,
Actor: Robert Downy Jr., Vic Mignogna (does he count?)
Video Game: Final Fantasy VII (Crisis core)
Gaming system:DSi,PSP,Nintendo64
Animal: cat, dog(I am one, personallity wise)
Food: everything...almost
Movie:Final Fantasy: Advent Children complete, Brother Bear,Lilo+Stitch,Sherlock Holmes,Pokemon:the 1st movie,Spirited away, Tales from Earthsea,

~Other info~
Age: like on my profile, i am 15
Eye Color: Hazel
Name: Samantha
Nicknames: Sammi, Sam,(Zack),Sammi-san (thanks deanna)
Occupation: *laughs*
Schooling: High School
Random Quirks: I have Glasses, Cloustrophobic

so yeah...that is me. the true me. I would never lie on the internet about anything, it's just part of who I am. if you ever have any reason to doubt me, feel free to slap me in the face.
I love being a nerd. I simply love anime.
and I simply love my friends

My Friends~
NadjaWolf~Iamthebeatles~Lei Chan~Hanaro Souhi~inufluffy12~Pretzels~KittyPerson9001~mb15184~
Alphonse13~Natsuki Lotus~that fro kid~

“I'm not going to change the way I look or the way I feel to conform to anything. I've always been a freak. So I've been a freak all my life and I have to live with that, you know. I'm one of those people.”
-John Lennon

Well, SOMEBODY'S slacking off! >=<

well, I don't have our new computer yet, but It is almost done!!
*yay, i am so happy, i will get to be with my friends on the Otaku soon!!! ^^*
but If enyone hasn't noticed, my primium membership status is now gone...I MISS IT! :< but for some reason, I still have my signiture and my other title in my name!! *Alchemy Expert*
so, i don't know who is falling asleep while doing their job, but I am sure not complaining here!! ^^
Hope to be back soon!

would you mind reading this...or at least skim it...

Today…I realized a few things….
First off, I realized that there is more to life than this not drawing, but this sense being pulled to the computer everyday after school….I’m not sure what about the internet and the computer that fascinates and appalls me so much….there are better things that I can be doing with my time… like spending time with my friends and family….my dad for some odd reason showed me that today-unintentionally-
He was just…so...kind about it…he asked me to do some chores today, like always, then he told me when they were done I could go on the internet. Now, I know it sounds like I am being dramatic, but for some odd reason it really got to me, not what he said, but HOW he said it…I looked up at the sky and for an instant, I imagined the whole world, smiling down upon me, telling me to wake up and open my eyes…I stood there for a minute, watching the rain in the distance, wondering about it.
As well as the fact that reality gave me the guilt trip of a lifetime, I have been feeling something coming from here, my home at theO…I feel like, no matter how hard I have been trying, I can’t seem to make the first page on the fan art section of theO…it seems even though I have been trying harder and harder, my work is starting to get less and less popular. I am loosing viewers, favs, and hugs from some of the people I care most about here. I miss the feeling of pride and joy I used to get when I logged on the Otaku and saw that I got new comments…I realize that I will never get immediate results when I do something-everything needs equivalent exchange- but I can’t help but feel a little jealousy (and I am being completely honest when I say this) when I see people’s art on the first page. I know I may sound a bit hot-headed or whatever you want to call it….but I am only being who I am…..me….
But my hopes won’t be crushed, I will keep trying, in hopes for a wonderful time to come on theOtaku -my sanctuary-