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so I just had an amazing time on vacation! >//< I wish I could show you all my pictures! but since I can't, I'll just tell you about everything! <3~ my family just went on vacation. well, we don't do that much traveling, but It's fi...

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Drivers education

I started driver's ed on tuesday. so far it has been pretty boring. it is useful though, so it makes it worth it. fortunatally for me, i have a friend in the class too (not really a close friend that comes over to my house and whatnot;but still a friend.)Lisa Timm is a pretty cool instructior, but nothing can change the fact that this is in the middle of my summer vacation. I have to get up a 7 o'clock because I am in the morining class. :( ...but dispite all this grumpy-ness, i am extreamly excited about getting my licence!(we're getting our pink slips on Monday <3~)
But here's the thing: my first drive with an instructior is tomorow!I hope I do good. but right now i am super frustrated by all the homework we just got. plus, there's a sign test tomorrow also: so i need to study for that too. kdsjaklfjdfkldjafk when will this end? D:
I reallllly hope that I do okay in town! I have drove quite a lot with my dad (illigally though it may be)--but only in the country! T^T town is different!
D: I hope the instructor, tim goes easy on me!!! *plus Riley is going to be in the car, so I might bring show tunes to play while our other partner Alexandria, is driving. hehhehehe chior girls are funny!^^
but that's beside the point!
>///< please wish me luck tomorow (and them my next drive's on Monday)

by the way, the DeLorian has always been my dream car...*_* (sigh)