"dear god, I've turned into some sort of hipster-otaku hybrid!"

welcome, it's nice to see you!


My dad and I were outside planting pumpkins and mowing the lawn, when I got the *wonderful..?* idea to make a picture out of chalk...so I did...right on our sidewalk in the front yard ^^ it turned out really bad, *expecially alphonse...sorry * I drew Ed and Al from FMA. sorry the first picture looks weird through the center, (It's actually two different pictures..>//< hee hee)

well, i am , really tired for some reason...oh yeah, it's cuz' today was NO DETENTION CONVENTION, and I sang kareoke almost the whole time...:D byuu, ritsu, nii, and I all sang "brothers" occopella during kareoke, all the people in the cafateria looked at us with the "WTH?" faces...but then they all smiled and clapped...the CLAPPED...i was shocked...:o
well that is it for the sammi's spread diary for today...:P you all stay nerdy out there!!!
good night...maybe...or maybe I'll watch more FMA on TV and play final fantasy...my life is never ending...

oh, P.S. sorry the pic is pixilized, it's paint's fault, not MINE....*weeps*

Happy April Fool's Day ~again~

yup, so another way to wig me out has been sucessfully etched into my brain....thanks to Adam *or someone else with this sort of power* our wonderfully personal icons have been transformed into the super-kawaii, adorable ..my little ponies...*hrmm...

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Come look at the freaks! *read please if you want to hear a real irritating story*

today, was a lot like any other day for us... with a little excitement. i have a lot to say, and only one way to explain it... today at lunch, we were doing out usual thing, talking about the video "hare hare yukai" and how mb and i wa...

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