"dear god, I've turned into some sort of hipster-otaku hybrid!"

welcome, it's nice to see you!


I am feeling kinda down now...
i was wondering if any of you guys have any advice for me?
heres' the scenario,
today I told my dad That I needed a new sketchbook for art class. *mine is all used up now* my dad was goofing around and told me to "prove it"
so i got it out and showed it to him. he laughed and flipped through it. commenting on all the pictures I drew.
Now i love my dad. i love him a ton. but sometimes he says things that really piss me off.
so as he's looking through it, he noticed my "pen name" sammi Nishikiori, nishikiori like micchi from kamichama karin. he kinda frownd and asked me what it was. i told him. he immidiatly closed up my sketch book and began yelling at me. "why in the world would you use a japanese name?????!!!!" i kinda shrugged, i didn't feel like aguing with him. expecially after we were having such a good time earlier.
but then he went on his whole "there ain't nothing good about the japanese" speech he always stumbles into all the time.
it makes me so angry...almost everytime he says that i start crying. GRAH so unfair. I try to explain to him that it isn't WW2 anymore, and now we are friends. but no, he just keeps going like his opinion is the only thing that matters. i understand he had trouble with WW2 when he was a kid,*his dad was always going on about it*
he looks at me and says
"you know how I feel about the Japanese. ....he acts like My hobbies are trash. words cannot express how enraged I get when he talks like that.
i really want to look at him one of these days and tell him
"yes, i know how you feel about the japanese, but you don't seem to understand how I feel about them."
and the worst thing is- I don't think my dad is proud of all my hard work. he looks at manga like it's a parasyte. it gets me kinda sad. he doesn't say "good job" or "that looks really nice" very much anymore.
...I don't know, But I think my dad is getting more close-minded as he is getting older...
I have tried everything. but does anyone have any advice on how I can convince my dad to stop saying things like that??

thank you so much....goodnight everyone.

well, just a bit less than expected...

This is the snow we have right now!! ^^
i took the picture with my dsi, so sorry for the quality...*heh heh heh*
i told inufluffy-sama that i would show her waht our snow looked like right now, so here you go!!

although, i must say, we don't have very much for the time of year. it has been unseasonably warm this winter, and it has rained a lot lately. so yeah, when you see this, imagine about tree times more....that is Michigan for you...



read them...and enjoy! :3


thank the lord Muse, my actual birthday is now visable!!!!!
>for a very long time, i couldn't put 1997 as my birth year, because it said i wansn't 13, which was obviously wrong...
but it's fixed now!!!
*is 15 years old*

have a good one!!

Things in the world of a nerd

I am sorry for this rant, i am just frustrated.
I also appologize if there are letters missing when i type, my new keyboard doesn't cooperate very well
first off I would like to say Merry Christmas/happy Holidays to everyone!! ^_^ i love you all!
next, i would like to ask you guys what type of tablet I should buy with my cristmas money...i would like to buy a new one, because as you might know, had died.
agrrrhhh..so please, i am increadably sorry that I still haven't posted any new art!!! >///< I don't want to sound like I am making up excuses, but I don't own a scanner anymore

And with this new contest thing that adam made up
I know i might sound vulgar, but i really don't see what the hype is about!
everyone is talking about how unfair it is, but to me-it sounds like a decent idea! ^-^ i don't want to sound mean or biased, but i think that that special someone deserves to be recognized, just like in a- for instance, a football team-
so that is my opinion, just saying!

I am waiting for a video to finish downloading to my PSP, but i will talk to you all later!please stay in touch, and please please please remind me to upload more stuff!! This is the only online family I have! <3
~with LOVE, KKs~

oh yeah, this is a picture I drew of my sister and her boyfriend bryan, i drew it with watercolor pencils <= which i LOVE!!