"dear god, I've turned into some sort of hipster-otaku hybrid!"

welcome, it's nice to see you!

Kittens x 2!

these are my kitties.

trying to get ahold of everyone that wanted one. one of them was already taken by my best friend Guin. well her sister, anyway.
she was fuzzy and black=white. she is so cute. cassie and I named her Fizzy because she looks like Fizzgig from "the dark crystal" hahaha good times.

sorry for my leg in the picture ._. it's hot out and I'm wearing shorts.
i know my legs look terrible. just ignore them.

Sorry everyone!

this i a post cocernig my "pay it forward" challenge. you might think i a ignoring you or just not online. both of those are false.
i am having issues getting comment boxes to open correctly, hence some people's questions aren't being answered. sorry about all that...SO if you have a questions or concerns, please put them in my comments here! I'll make another world post with answers up. also to everyone who has already submites, I LOVE THEM ALL!! T^T i had comments for all of them, but like I said, i can't get boxes open!
just know I do look at all comments and entries, I am trying my very best! *please forgive meeee!!*

Have a great day, smile: the world is already smiling at you!
Pay it forward challenge/


OHIMIGOSH Im so sorry I didn't post the news earlier, but my cat Luna had her kittens last month. :) they are so cute.
she had

5 of them
on my bed.
but you know what. I am over it.
because Luna's kittens are SOOO CUTE!!! (^._.^)/

then today i got home from school. i messed aroud a bit on "eternal darkness" upstairs, then I went into my room, where luna's kittens are, in a box.
Jupiter had her kittens too!
she had

6 of them. :D
also on my bed.
I whipped together a picture for anyone who should stumble upon this, i hope you find the newborns' rat faces as cute as I do.
(they will also be staying in my room)
the two mother cats seem to get along well with them, so it's all good,she even helped Jupiter clean them. so cute.
so......by any chance any of you want a kitten?
i have to find them all homes...T^T
~sammi nishikiori~

... Inufluffy12's icon

so inu-sama.
your challenge has been processed and delt with.

those damm Russian spies won't know what hit them!

Hurt inside...

I am really hurt.
I don't know what has happened.

since a little while ago, I haven't been getting any views on my art. fanart,ecards, anything. not even world posts.
i could say that I am angry, but I am not. I understand my art isn't as good as a lot of people on the Otaku, nor does everyone have free time to come look at it all the time. i get that.
but I am extreamly dissapoited. with myself.
"what is it I have been doing wrong?" i wondered.
but I still don't know.
It just seems like I am giving this all I have, but It is gettig me nowhere at all. the proof is in this post, which i am sure no one is going to even read very sadly.
I considered retireing from the O, but I can't bring myself to do that...i love it too much here, and I love the people.
so I am NOT going to quit.
this just means I have to try even harder, and get everyone to notice my hard work again.