"dear god, I've turned into some sort of hipster-otaku hybrid!"

welcome, it's nice to see you!


My dad and I were outside planting pumpkins and mowing the lawn, when I got the *wonderful..?* idea to make a picture out of chalk...so I did...right on our sidewalk in the front yard ^^ it turned out really bad, *expecially alphonse...sorry * I drew Ed and Al from FMA. sorry the first picture looks weird through the center, (It's actually two different pictures..>//< hee hee)

well, i am , really tired for some reason...oh yeah, it's cuz' today was NO DETENTION CONVENTION, and I sang kareoke almost the whole time...:D byuu, ritsu, nii, and I all sang "brothers" occopella during kareoke, all the people in the cafateria looked at us with the "WTH?" faces...but then they all smiled and clapped...the CLAPPED...i was shocked...:o
well that is it for the sammi's spread diary for today...:P you all stay nerdy out there!!!
good night...maybe...or maybe I'll watch more FMA on TV and play final fantasy...my life is never ending...

oh, P.S. sorry the pic is pixilized, it's paint's fault, not MINE....*weeps*

Livin' the dream?

ahhh...I really can't wait until summer...we only have 7 days of school left...*YES!*
tomorow is basically a free day with no-detention convention *which yes, i WILL be attending* and International day. (YUS!)
so let's just hope my ladies and I survive the rest of the school year. :l
Mood: ..meh...tired I guess..
Eating: nothing :>
Listening to: mumford and sons (FTW! >U<)
Fav color right now: Light Blue
Wearing: large (men's) hoodie, with plad * * (even though it's May,it's freaking cold out here...even for Michigan, this is COLD)
Wants?: for my internet to cooperate and download this song... *ravers in the UK*(it's been downloading for 35 minutes, it still has 24 minutes to go!:<),to magically have warm weather

cute, no?

I don't know what I'm feeling...

gosh.....junior high...in other words,
a strange, messed-up, pit of darkness..for some people..
a friends of mine has been in a funk lately, another friend has been too... my guy friend (lets call him LIII) made the first friend (let's just call her GIII for now...so i don't have to use names) sad
I didn't want to get involved...like i REALLY didn't want to get involved...but i didn't want to sit back and watch anymore...i care about them both dearly.but HE has been kinda an ass...:(

so I told him what needed to be said...
I told him to think about what he has been doing, to look at the big picture, and look into his heart and decide.
I don't know if any of it will really reach to him, and in the process i may have made GIII mad at me...i feel bad, but i hope it will get things streightened out well....somethimes i wish they would realize that i don;t usualy get upset, but somethimes i do...like now.still I'm not sure..i just want summer so i can forget all about this school year and the shitty (sorry for my french) stuff that has come up this year...talk to you all later... i guess

A Tribute To Another Fallen Comrade...

yesterday... I am very sad to announce...My family lost another comrade....our cat, Polar Bear died yesterday of an unknown sickness....i felt so bad for him... and I wish I could have done something for him. The last few days he has been looking so bad, he wouldn't eat or drink, he couldn't walk without falling over, and all he practically did was sleep...maybe it was better that he died, but I still think he had plenty of time left here.

to my fallen friend, i hope you have gained your wings

~Trust me, I'm a Doctor~W.I.P

this is for my history class, he isn't quite done, i think...but i'll put it on here anyway so i can get to this picture during class, so i can put it on my magazine article...:)

also, thank god for photoshop tutorials. eventhough i used m.s, it worked wonders.