Fight Scene- Hiei vs. random demon

Note: sorry about any character issues, I don't know much about YYHB so i've been using YYH characters, if you use this then feel free to change ANY characters to actually existing ones.

(at the tournament site, several battles have already taken place [meaning the field has been damaged])
Hiei and some random strong looking demon approach the center (after having had both their names drawn/selection)

Hiei:...(shifts feet in restlessness)

Random Demon:*snicker* (cracks knuckles)

(the signal is given and the fight begins)

R Demon:*loud laughter* (lunges toward Hiei at a high speed [blur-like])

[Audience sees that the demon has punched air, Hiei about 10 feet away from the blow]

Hiei: *smirk* (stands with hands in pockets)

R Demon:Grrrrrrrrr... (turns to face Hiei and takes his position to fight)

Hiei: (suddenly appears behind R Demon)

R Demon:(turns head only to see air)

Hiei: (takes a large chunk of the demons face out with one blow [from other side of demon])

R Demon: URGH! (slams into wall from the impact)

Hiei: (stands politely)

R Demon: *pained breathing* (gets up slowly with a furrowed brow)

Hiei: (looks curiously [and mockingly] at the demon)

R Demon: What are you playing at?! [said demandingly]

Hiei: *giggle [smirkish]* (smiles mockingly)

R Demon: !!Answer me you little ba- (cut off suddenly by a frightening attack)

Hiei: *emotionless face* (one hand held outward, he had fired a sudden Aura attack, a very very powerful one)

R Demon: (defeated, the only parts left of him are too badly damaged to be repaired)

(Hiei stands motionless as he is pronounced the winner, he walks off the field emotionlessly)

note: this battle probably wouldve lasted a short amount of time [around 5-10 minutes] but it is also a wonderful scene if you are trying to develop/show the Sadistic side of a character.