Book 1, Dying In Moonlight.

Rain splatters on the ground while a lone female figure walks home.
"Oh darn, it's started to rain.." She begins to quicken her pace so as not to get caught in the rain. The wind ruffles through her skirt, making her long skirt flap around her ankles, and her hair blow into her face. She hears an all-too-familiar laugh..
"Oh-no.. not now." She stares wide-eyed at a faint glow appearing behind her, but sadly the unfortunate light belongs to a man, He comes up behind her and grabs her brunette hair, forcing her eyes towards the night sky.
"W-What do you want?" The woman asks him. He laughs as if she should already know, and points towards her neck.
"That should be obvious by now,Honey." He replies in a husky tone.
She leaps back with a quick scream, somehow confused by how she manages to get free so easily. "NO! You can't kill me!" She shouts at him, then steps back cautiously. She'd just shouted at HIM for goodness sake...
The man pins her against the low wall behind her "Whatdid you just say to me?" He says slowly while drawing a pair of knives from his belt.
" please don't kill me now.." She beats his chest frantically to no avail.
He smirks, then smiles and finally laughs. 'Oh theres nothing like a little torture!' He thinks and smiles again.
Carefully brushing the knives across her neck he says,"No? No then. I'll come back another time. I'm getting wet anyway." He grins broadly "See you later Darling~!" He says and walks off fairly fast under the pouring rain.
The woman lies on the floor and listens to...nothing.
Celia lay on the hospital bed, wondering how she got there. Her neighbor, Randy, comes to the side of her bed, she looks up confused to see him in turquoise clothing.
"Celia! Your awake. How do you feel?" He asks her, smiling. Ah yes, he's a surgeon at this hospital.
"Um.. How did I get here? Whats the date? Err..Fine?" She notices Randy smiling at her.
" wife saw the whole thing. lucky really- you hit your head bending over and blacked out. the date is Feburary 4th 2009." He pushes some green and pink pills towards her instructing her to "Swallow and rinse".
She remembers last night now. But.. if he saw it why didn't he ring the police? And why lie about seeing her 'hit' her head? and what wife?!
'This is all a bit too much' she thinks, frowning.'I'll sleep it off.'
When she wakes up, she hears doctors saying random things like 'Hey again!', 'NO! I'm here!' and 'Don't jab him there!'
She looks out the window into the gray cloudy semi-night sky, the stars shine innocently. 'Do I love him?' she wonders while drawing her blankets around her neck some more & blushes. So tired..
"Morning Celia! Sleep well? Eat this." She eats and notices bandages around her neck.
"Ah yes, when you hit your head you scarred your neck. last night remember? Nothing fatal, so you can leave tonight."
'Somehow...' She thinks while eating and watching her neighbor carefully 'It wasn't the walls fault I got this cut..'
Finally the Hospital Confinement is over and Celia walked home, she got there at about 8:30 PM.
Looking through her purse she finds one measly pound coin, so no take-outs for her!
Sitting down to watch TV without any food she notices theres not a speck of dust...anywhere! She frowns, maybe the wind came in through a window or something.' She thinks and turns the television on. Nothing happens of course-The electricity has gone.
Groaning Celia gets up and goes into the basement to flick the electric back on.
When she finishes walking the steps back into her house, she notices she isn't alone, someone else is in the house with her.
Panicing she scoures the kitchen for some sort of defense weapon, but all of her kitchen knives seem to be missing... Completely aware she has no sort of defense what-so-ever, she bravley steps into the living room.
"Hello sugar! How're those stitches holding up? Didn't cut too deep, did I?" He smiles and flicks the muted TV off (Yes, it was on.)
"I actually don't feel all too great would you believe?" She begins to edge backwards, noticing a knife left out on the table.
"You couldn't harm me even if you wanted to! You wouldn't be able to bring the knife down. Besides, what about the mess? a body to dispose of, blood all over the carpets..?" He laughs, "You love me don't you really?"
"Riiight.." Just a little further... But no. He was at her throat again.
"Heh heh, thought you could kill me eh?" He smirks.
"E- Estroph.." She hesitates.
"Whaaat? I'm not planning on holding onto you all night! I have places to be!"
"I think.. I..Love..You? I do, really! I mean it!" She realises what shes saying is actually the truth. The truth scares her slightly.

TO BE CONTINUED! (Yeah, I improved it a little bit from the original.. But I have to goto bed now. Thanks for reading this far!!