ch 1 the mission

crap I'm late sensi is going to kill me. i parked in front of her your late yes but ... but what i have no excuses sorry akito sensi its alright just try to be on time we have a mission today oh what is it some bandits are meeting some ninja from the mist our goal is to find the information ,who is coming to give the bandits to meet them.sensi what is kakashi's team doing hear oh yes there are to come with us
lets go i looked at the team i never really payed to much attention to them
i looked hiya i mizuki you are oh I'm naruto uzumaki you better believe it!!
that's sakura and I'm sasuke uchiha....i phased out that must have been clan that had gotten killed by his brother wow ...hey lets go oh coming sensi.. As we got there we heard them hide.. ok this is the man you wanted know my money don't be so Hastie were still waiting for the other one... As the other one stopped my heart sank sensi i don't feel right there something going on cont worry it ok just keep quite i couldn't take it i had to move...i jumped down secret art hinden needle jutsu he whipped his shoulders what a weak girl I'll just kill you know do get it over with ...wait your not alone are you huh he snatched my throat tell me and that non oh your business is it he squeezed tighter he drop me lets take her as hostage and see what we can get from her get away from her or I'll i got up do it bye force i looked up at her you take the side I'll go with the leader you go with the weak ones...yes sensi... i took out my sword you again your gonna wish it wasn't... oh yeah ..your gonna be splattered all over the place when I'm done with you...

how it starts

in my experiences love is the most beautiful thing any one can give you
an love between to people can have is so amazing
so fantastic it makes you break down and cry tears
of joy... take these words and us them
believe me pain is to come with love
im 13 and an konoha ninja my name is
misuki mori this is how it begins