Oh why do I have facebook?

I sometimes wonder why I have a facebook. Anyone else feel like that?

I am starting to get annoyed with all the crap and shit that appear on the feed. Lately it has been about girls complaining and bitching about how nice/good guys go out with the bitches of girls and then complaining about the guy for not understanding why and being all heart broken.

Seriously, you are going to complain about that? I can complain about the exact same thing but be it about girls. Girls you wonder why good/nice guys going out with bitches, well we can wondering why you go out with jerks / assholes who see you as an object.

At least for me, most nice/good guys get over looked.

Seen as being weird or nerd/geek and they want nothing to do with them. Who wants go out with something then actually do their homework by themselves?

Best part I ask a girl out before and I was told no because I didn't have a good enough body. She didn't know what I looked like but was going off of the fact that I was nerd and I actually did go around showing off my body.

I had a freaken six pack at the time but guess that wasn't good enough.

Okay sorry about. I am done now. Just getting annoyed and needed to vent.