This is my current list of projects that I am working on. You are welcome to read and see what trouble I have gotten myself into. Enjoy and you are welcome to ask any questions.


Name: Cory
DOB: June 19, 1990
Age: 23
Eyes: blue (they change I have been told)
Hair: Dirty Blonde to Brown
Height: 6'5" - 6'6" (195.58 cm - 198.12 cm)
Weight: 160 lb (72.64 kg).
Relationship: Unavailable

Fav. Singer/Band(s): Travis Tritt, John Michael Montgomery, Josh Thompson, Randy Houser, Rascal Flatts, Zac Brown Band, Blake Shelton, Eric Church, and plenty more.....

Fav. Anime: IGPX, Gundam (all), Oban Star-Racers, Zoids, Full Metal Panic, Full Metal Alchemist . . .

Fav. Video Games: Mass Effect Series, Blur, Dragon Age Series, Vanquish, Devil May Cry (still need to finish though), Skyrim, Dawn of War, and many many more.

I pride myself on my word and handshake. If I say I will do something you bet I will do it and stand by it.

About Me:

I have an older sister by eleven months who I share some characteristics with. We both were initially left handed but when I was young I just randomly decided to switch. On the dead end street where I grew up I was the only boy and had to hangout with my sister and the two other girls on the street. Due to this I always had more female friends then guys and would rather hangout with girls.

Both of my parents were big outdoors people. My mom as hiked across Iceland and skied in the Alphas as well as been an outdoors guide. So they would take my sister and I on hiking/camping trips during the spring - fall and ski trips during the winter. So I have spent a lot of time outside on various trips and really enjoy it over urban areas.

I grew up being compared to her by my parents who tried not to but would still at times. On top of that my sister when we were in middle school and high school didn't want anything to do with me as well as try to send me to a boarding school. We both played sports growing up which that in itself would cause problems. At one point we both played basketball and if we ever ended up practicing together there would have to be an adult around or a fist fight had a good chance of breaking out. It wasn't until I left for college that the relationship between my sister and I changed for the better. It wasn't until she was working on her Masters Degree and I was in my junior year of college that our relationship become what it is now where we have lost this rivalry we had between us.

During my years of growing up I rode horses for a while until the trainer had to move and I am disappointed I didn't keep up with that because I really miss it. My parents had me take 5 years of piano lessons that I don't really remember much of but it taught me how to read music. I danced for 10 years and still like to dance to this day. I really enjoy the waltz, foxtrot, cha-cha, and tango as well as just messing around being strange. I don't know much of the fancy moves but enjoy the basic moves that I do know. Then there is my romantic side but that has been hidden for a couple years now and I don't like to show that side of myself.

Well that is a bit about me that I usually don't say but figured this would be the best place to put it out.

Busy Weekend

Hey Everyone! Hope ya'll had a good and productive weekend. Mine was busy but good. First think Saturday morning I took my 1988 Jeep Wrangler in for State Inspection. Well it failed so now I have 30 days to fix what is on it or have to pay ...

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Jeep Update

Hey Everyone, Well the Jeep is running good and I am getting use to how the gas gauge works (really doesn't). On had the one moment of running out of gas last week but I still have my one of my new jerry cans with me. Besides that the Jeep ...

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4/13/14 Week update

Hey y'all, Well it is finally Friday and I am excited about that. Should be able to get some work done finally on the truck again. A neighbor has agreed to come and try using his tractor just not sure if it can go high enough. So will be le...

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It lives!

Hey Everyone and yes I am still alive. Haven't done much work on the truck since I am still stuck waiting to remove the cab. Have done some work on the Jeep though.

Cleaned the battery terminals, battery cables, starter connection and replaced the spark plugs among some other not important things. The Jeep is now currently tagged and titled. I only have a one month stamp since I have to get a state safety inspection still. But I have been driving it on the road for the last two days and have been getting better with a manual. So far I have gotten everything down to being smooth except when I am starting from a stop. I am about 50 - 50 for have a descent smooth start to jerky start. Getting better the more I drive but doesn't help with all the traffic lights and impatient people around here.

Well other then that not much else going on in my life besides that. Keep getting told by my best friend to get a Playstation 4. I plan to get one but the money I was then used for the title and registration fees for the Jeep.

Well have a good day or night everyone depending on where you are and when you read this.

Later y'all!

Update and still working

Hey Everyone! Hope ya'll are doing well and had a good weekend. It rained here are weekend but was okay since I had some friends from out of town stop by. For my project update I at the point for cab removal. Took the running boards ...

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