new anime

I have strated to watch all these anime tv shows ive neva herd of like haruhi suzumiya and lcky star and i have started to play kingdom hearts and that has grown on me and i have started to read the books to haruhi suzumiya and they are great from munky luve peace happiness

zero and ichiru

my fave male anime characters r ash zero and akatsuki and ichiru ...

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the first anime i ever watched

the first anime i ever watched was pokemon but it was a litle boring but it had pikachu and then it was naruto then one piece then tokyo mew mew then vampire knight vampire knight is the best because it had vampires that did not sparkle like the vampires fromt wightlite

about me


fave anime: tokyo mew mew,bleach,vampire knight and pokemon

Fave aurthor matsuri hino

fave game kingdom hearts

fave anime character yuki cross