Well hello everyone- I certainly hope your monday was much better than mine! Haha, it wasn't that bad, but it reminded me that we have state testing. All. This. Week.
Tomorrow is the Science State Exam--- bleh! I'm not good at science, but I'm going to be clocking in some study time tonight (pray for me ) haha! ^^
Ah well- I'm off to take a few quizzes and hit the books.
Have a good one!
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Long time no see!

Hello everyone- I'm back!
Haha, sorry for not being here for a very long time. School has sucked the life out of me, and so I crashed and burned. The end result? A real-life version of Konata from Lucky Star
I'm serious!
All I can really do without going crazy is walk my dogs and watch anime. Also in Kona-chan style I'm not doing my homework (though I'm still acing tests! <3)
Ah well.....this shall now be a sort of diary upon my daily life....har-har!

A thanks to all!

Good afternoon to those reading right now- my apologies for not being able to post my Lolita feature at the moment! My computer froze and deleted it all...little monster...but, instead I would like to make this post for all of my new friends, mentors, and subscribers, who have helped me out more than I could have ever hoped for ^_^

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Thank you to:

Miss vampirewolfgirl13
Miss Lovely Risa
Miss Gothic Lolita Fan
Miss Rein Akira
Miss CiaCiaChii
Miss saekimidori
Miss tiggerola
Miss RuRuPon
Miss QueenKittychan
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And to Mistress Gothic Lolita Fan- my dear mentor and good friend ^_^
I truly appreciate everyone's kindness, understanding, and sense of friendship- thank you all so much, and I hope you have a good day!

Nice to meet you: Welcome to my World!

Good evening to anyone kind enough to read this! My name is Caira, but you may call me Cicie or Lolita if you would prefer! Hmm....where to start? Welcome to my World- my hope is that throughout my time here at theOtaku.com I can express ideas, view points (mine as well as those of others), learn and make new friends! After all- what fun is there in sharing tea and crumpets with one's own self? ^^

I suppose the basics are a good place to start-

{Name} Caira von Rozenheim, eldest daughter of the Household
{Personae} Cicie or Lolita
{Age} 16 as of October 2009
{Sign} Libra
{Likes} Strawberries, Walks, Animals, Music, Reading and the season of Autumn
{Dislikes} Spicy food, Cruelty, Extreme Heat

Well there's a bit about me and I hope to learn a bit about you! Thank you for reading and be sure to check back later on today or tomorrow for an entire post dedicated to the culture and fashion of Lolita! (The lifestyle, not me haha ^^)

Sweet dreams and have a good day!