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This is a world completely dedicated to lolita fashion! Anything loli related can be posted here, such as photos, recipies, poems, tutorials, stories, etc. If you'd like to be a guest poster here, just send me a message! ^^ But if you do post in this world, please refrain from using any harsh language. This world is open to everyone, and lolitas should be well-mannered and polite anyway. Thank you and enjoy! ^o^

Haenuli Mermaid Dress!

Okay, if you know me then you now that I am pretty big fan of Haenuli lolita designs. I'm not sure if I've posted them before but here is a pic of their Little Mermaid print!

Isn't it adorable?

Pinky Girls

Pinky Girls is a taobao shop and sells really pretty things!

External Image

I love their parasols and straw hats!

Bodyline dresses

I thought I'd share my $200 bodyline order with you, you can see it over on my tumblr

Gisou Honey Trap

I stumbled across another manga with frilly clothes! According to, Gisou Honey Trap is about "Keiichirou Mishima is a 1...

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Girl's Lolita Fashion

I found a shop on Rakuten that sells children's lolita inspired clothing! The shop is called Catherine Cottage. ...

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