The Ultimate Pokemon Journey: Chapter 1

Okay. First off, you will always have Puffpuff and Haku with you. (If you don't know who they are, check out the info.)

//Maria's POV\

Mom: Be careful honey. It's been a while since you've been out on the road. Don't talk to strangers!

Maria: I won't mom.

Taylor: Maria, can I go with you? I want to go on a Pokemon Journey, and mom won't let me go.

Maria: I'm sorry, but you can't go. (whispers) Mom would have a heart attack. I'm off mom! May and her friends are here!

I walked out the door to be gretted by my cousins.

Max: Maria! I missed you so much!

Maria: I missed you too, Max.

May: It's so nice to see you again!

Maria: It's good to see you too, May. It's good to see both of you again!

After the immediate reuniting with my cousins, I looked up and saw the friends the had brought with them.

Ash: Hi, I'm Ash.

Brock: And I'm Brock.

Maria: Hi. Nice to meet you. Now let's go!

:Later that Day:

Ash: So let me get this straight. Your dad was a famous trainer and Pokemon scientist?

Brock: And your mom was a famous coordinator and breeder?

Maria: Yep. And I'm all four. I've entered all the regions' trainer competitions, I am researching legendary Pokemon, I have entered a lot of contests, and bred a Meganium and a Tropius. They are my Pokemon, and they have four offspring.

Brock: Wow! You HAVE to tell me how you did that?!

Maria: I can't tell you. At least not right now.

We had arrived on the outside of a town that I don't know the name of. Then, I heard a voice that I hadn't heard in a long while, and one that I didn't ever want to hear again.

Harley: Well, well, well. Look who it is. It's the little cheeerleader.

May: What are you doing here, Harley?!

Ash: Yeah, why don't you just leave before you get hurt.

Harley: Now calm down huns. I just came here to say hello to an old friend.

Maria: Harley, for the last time, I am not your friend. The only friend you ever wil have is Butch, but he's gone now. Hopefully he died, or better yet, joined Team Rocket. Then I'd get to beat him to a pulp like I did to you and him that one day walking home from school.


Maria: Sure I did. Now if you don't mind, we have more important places to be, more important things to do, and more important people to talk to.

Harley walked away steamed. I giggled as I watched him walk away, noting that his attitude and actions hadn't changed much over the years.

Max: What was that about, Maria?

Brock: Yeah, he sounded like he knew you.

Maria: He did. We were in the second grade together, along with his equally annoying friend Bucth. Butch, Harley, and I lived in the same neighborhood and everyday after school we had to walk up home together. Each day they would find new ways to annoy me, mainly by poking fun at me and calling me names that in retrospect weren't all that insulting. They still managed to get to me everyday, though. The only good thing about that walk home is that I had at least twenty feet that I could walk in peace.

I shook my head a little, not wanting to dwell on that part of my past for longer than I had to.

Maria: Come on guys, let's keep walking. We're almost to town.

With that, we continued on our journey.