The Ultimate Pokemon Journey: Chapter 4

NOTE: This happens sometime before the movie with Manaphy.

Maria: First thing's first. Let's bring out our Pokemon! Come on out you guys!

Maria brings out Puffpuff, Haku, Snowy, Speedy, Ringo, and Sandy.

May&Ash: You guys too!

May brings out Beautifly, Eevee, and Combusken, and Bulbasuar. ( I don't know any other of her Pokemon)

Ash brings out Sceptile, Donphan, Snorlax, and Bulbasuar.

Brock: Wow! Those look like some powerful Pokemon, Maria.

Maria: I guess they are pretty powerful. Well, let me introduce you. You already know Puffpuff and Haku. My Snowrunt is called Snowy. My Jolteon is Speedy, my Dratini is Ringo, and my Sanshrew is Sandy. Here, let me show you a combination. It involves everyone. Let's go! Snowy, Ice Beam! Haku, Ora Sphere! Ringo, Hydro Canon! Speedy, Thunder Bolt! Sandy, Sand Storm! Puffpuff, Sonic Screech!

All the attacks went high up into the air and collided with a burst of powerful energy.

All: Wow! That was amazing!

Maria: Thanks. I know I can't use it in a contest, but I think it is a good excercise for them. It can only be done right if each Pokemon completely focuses and puts the same amount of energy into their attacks. I can do it with any of my Pokemon. We were practicing this specific move before we left, and one time we had a little too much Ice Beam. It took us an hour, lots of hot cocoa, and a huge bonfire to defrost us all.

Snowy: snow, snowrunt!

Maria: It's okay, Snowy. It was an accident. Besides, that time was great!

Snowy: Snowrunt!!

???: Wow. I've never seen power like that. I guess it's safe to assume you will be entering the contest?

Sorry it was so short. I can't think of anything else to write. But I do know who the mystery person is! I guess you'll just have to wait until the next chapter!