This is were love and anime cuteness collides xD! Talk about your favorite anime couples. Compare your own real life relationship to one of you want to.

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Doubble Bubble wil be cancelled for being to large and i will move on.

However i still will try to make occasional Trigun cards


Sorry for being lazy but im putting alot more into my analysis with quotes and screen shots. Re-watching Trigun, loving and hating it at the same but got loads of good info. Trigun double bubble will still be coming. At episode 13 and will start episode 14 tomorrow.

It begins Again!

No more promises because im a bird brain right now.

I will however be releasing updates to this sometime to day, not a promise but a fact.

Ginta says Thats AWesome!

New ReViEwS!

The hot topics!

Trigun double bubble
Naruto trilogy
strike witches
Full Metal Panic!
High School of the Dead
Seiken no Blacksmith
Sengoku Basara
Dance in the Vampire Bund
black lagoon
The Legend of Zelda

Coming Soon...


Ok I'm finally done wit hall the request and previous couples, now i must make up a new list!. YEAH!
Remember readers post here or PM me to see your favorite couples! XD