Oh man..I feel so...bad..O.o'

I looked at this thing and I feel bad for I am not taking care of this site and informing all my soon to be fans! D': Well it's summer break for me so I really have no excuse. >.> Well here's a bit of my life right now. I started my summer off in the geeky-est way ever! AZ 2011!!! IT WAS AWSOME!!!! I ran into a super duper cute Roxas (I will find you again someday!! D:) and met tons of people! >.> -.- ._. Though they all thought I was twelve...(I'm 17 about to be 18 in three months though...hahahahaha :O) Heh it's ok I'll be the female version of Mr. Depp :3 So after going there and buying a metal keyblade!!! I got inspired to try and make Sweetie Pie a real business. I'll be making mascots and looking into creating my own website. I also wann make like mascot hats..heh. :D You can check me out her on facebook! --> http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Sweetie-Pie-Charms-and-Jewelry/186621594711857

I really need to post more pictures of my stock..^.^' Oh right...the con! So besides that I got inspired by all of the nice artist I met there and I wanna sell awesome fanart too! .3. But yeah...I wanna go next year too but I'm graduating (it's the same weekend as grad night...TT.TT) But who knows! The date isn't set yet...I'm praying I can go.....But yeah so how is your summer? I'll try and post my pictures from the con. Did anyone else go to AZ 2011 in N.C. USA??

Dear Secret Santa....

Hee hee! Isn't this going to be fun!? :D Ok so here's what I'd like for Christmas this year.

1. Draco Malfoy and my oc Kare :) (It's like a lovey dovey love hate relationship)

2. Leon and Cloud because I wish they were mine.

3. Chibi Leon and Cloud and Axel

4.Kyo-Kun from Fruits Basket

5. Or Hatori from fruits baskets....:3

6. and Seto Kabia..because he's just plain sexy!

And thats it. I love colors by the way. *hint hint* Thank you and happy Christmas!

News Flash! (I'm not dead!)

Are you an angel or fairy lover? Wish you could have a cool moveable action figure with original artwork? Well you’re prayers have been answered! My father (a published sculptor and part owner of 3060) and I are teaming up to create our own line of moveable action figures of fairies and angels. All profit that we make will be going to my college fund. Even as I create some I’m give you the chance to write in request for the store. Now granted, not right now! Everything is still under construction! We will be selling on E-bay and when our operations are up and running I’ll post a journal with the grand opening!

So yeah I’ve got that going on. I’m also job searching. I only have two more years of high school. I’m going to go to our local college for two years and then I’m moving to Savannah to attend SCAD and get my major in animation and minor in illustration and then hopefully land a job with Disney! Yay!

So as you can guess I’ve finished up my freshmen year without as many problems as I expected. I lost three friends this year and gained around ten! Yay me! Marching band camp is coming up here pretty quick and today I go and get my permit! Yay! Not much to look forward to except as possible mini trip to Disney during Christmas! Another yay! I have art next year btw! Lots of fun! I hear he’s a great teacher but I know him as a gym buddy and middle school teacher even though I never took his class. So, this should be interesting. I haven’t updated in a while huh?

Wonderland Contest

As I said before in my last post, I'm hold a contest.

The rules:

A-Create a character for one of these following roles:

Mad Hatter (B) Goofy, crazy
Door Mouse (G or B) Lazy
C. Cat (G or B Naughty, Bad, Troublemaker
Random Cards (G or B) Brave, Strong
Queen of Hearts (G) Snobby, Coldish
King of Hearts (G) Nerdy, Shy
Flowers (G) Pretty, Air headed, Ditzy

A1-Now let me break this down for you to understand. (G) Means girl while (B) means boy. If you see both signs next to a role it means it can be either. If you see just one it HAS to be of that gender. You'll probably notice the describing words I put to the side of that. Your character has to meet those qualities.

B-Your character HAS to be in normal reality mode. I don’t need you to draw them in Book Binder! Volume one: Wonderland mode.

B1-Be sure to include:

+Hair color
+Eye color
+Any other details or side notes

C- Be sure to post a bio WITH your picture. The bio should be basic information and a few fun facts. When I read the bio I should be able to see if the quality requirements. Also be sure to post what role your character is trying out for. Don’t forget to give your character a catchy name.

The Rewards:

I will not be doing any art for people who win. The prize for this contest will be their character in my manga series! Yes they will be in ALL the volumes not just number one. (The ones that don’t make the cut I’ll probably use, as background people so if you’re entering and you don’t get it then look really close as you read. You may just see your character!) The people that win though, will be in for a sweet treat. I do plan on publishing these and it’s SUCH a great idea that I might turn it into T.V/Movie/Video Game! Which means, I’ll be giving all the credit for your characters to you! Fun right?

There is currently no deadline just apply and submit when you can! I am only taking one entry per person because I want you to think about this! I will be judging very harshly but you ability will not be judge, just you’re character development skills. J Have fun!

To apply: Just submit ONE comment here. If you have further questions about the contest PM me and I will answer what ever you got.

Book Binders! Volume One: Wonderland

Coming soon to a computer screen near you!

Coming Soon! To a computer near you!

First off I'd like to say I'm sorry to all the people that I told I would join their contest...:( My science teacher fuggled up my grade to a C so my computer rights went bye-bye! But now I'm back. Moving on!

Book Binders!: Volume One. Wonderland

That's right! I'm currently working on my first comic manga thingy! Be on the look out for sneak peeks at it! Which means, CHECK OUT ALL MY ARTWORK!

You never know what I might post with a picture or maybe what scene I'll post! I'll be introducing characters soon.


I'm in need of some characters! So I'm hosting a kind of sort of contest! Rules design a normal charcter and then pick a role you think they would best fit.

Mad Hatter (B) Goofy, crazy
Door Mouse (GorB Lazy
C. Cat (GorB Naughty, Bad, Trouble maker
Random Cards (GorB)Brave, Strong
Queen of Hearts (G) Snobby, Coldish
King of Hearts (G) Nerdy, Shy
Flowers (G) Pretty, Air headed, Ditzy

That's all I can think of right now. Winners will have their character in my manga. Apply here! Then draw a ref. picture for me and write a quick bio! Good luck and thanks!