New Gate Keeper Design + Voice Meme + Livestream?!

So thanks to my friend Twams, I've gotten into watching Ippus's livestreams and have been trying out her style. :D It's a lot of fun and I find it much easier than my usual way of linearting too. Though, it can get frustrating sometimes considering that it's all on one layer xD; File size is HUGEEEEEE.

But yeah, this is the Gate Keeper(he doesn't have a name, and probably never will. XD). After I get chapter 1, I'm going to go back and fix up his designs in every page he shows up in. XDDD He'll still have his cape thing though, so it won't be too much work.

PFFFT I have so many WiPs but I never actually go around to finish them. @__@ I have this picture, my beach picture, Rei's ref, and a Marshall Lee pic.
Not to mention Manga pages @__@
I will get previews to you guys as soon as I can! I have the next four pages sketched out and they look really good. I'm trying out more complicated poses since I recently got a big manikin. I had a small one before, but I had no understanding on anatomy in the first place. Didn't help much. Plus I broke it. XD
So sorry I haven't been able to consistently update my pages.... ;_; Tale of Two Cities is kicking my butt. I mean, I get most of the main stuff. But I always end up doing terribly on the reading quizzes OTL plus my teacher is assigning all of these other projects to go along with it. There's historical fiction journal entries and dialectical journals and asdfja;dkfja I'm just horrid at English D:

In other news. I just finished listening to Den-chan's voice meme and Sayura is encouraging me to do one too. xD so uhhhh questions? Ask me a lot. I like rambling :D And instead of voice meme, I might make it video, and show the coloring of the GK pic while answering questions. I might play some Adventure Time songs on my uke too.

Also, after watching so many Ippus livestreams, I was thinking of doing one too. I didn't really know much about it until a few days ago. xD It looks pretty fun. :D Not now of course. October ended up being way busier than I thought it would be....maybe during Christmas or Summer break? idk. Anything I need to know about livestream?

So yeah. That's it I think. C:
Thank you for reading~
I love your faces<3