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Any information about the manga, the characters, the story, etc. will be posted here~

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Page previews!

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Proof that I'm working even though I'm not that active here. xD
I'll start inking and toning and everything when I get home~!

EDIT: I might go in and edit one of the beginning pages. I need to tweak the Jester's design. :) I've got this really cool idea in my head and it'll really give the story more structure and drive. The Jester's design right now doesn't fit the idea nor do I like it very much. xD


This is going to help me sooooo much in Disney Town. xDDD

Anyways, short post! I'm about to head to the airport because I'm leaving for the Philippines tomorrow.
But I'm bringing my computer and I printed out a lot of references for characters so I'll be working on manga pages while I'm over there! ;D

Bye everyone! I'll be back June 29th with a lot of stuff<3

Theme Songs

If Rei had a theme song I'd want it to be like this

Something that would make you feel relaxed and gives you that warm feeling. Kind of that "Stop and smell the roses" feeling.



It feels like forever since I last updated! D: Sorry about that. I've been working on requests and studying for EOCs.
Only real progress I made so far is getting comfortable drawing little Rei. My plan is once I get comfortable, I'm going to find some expression memes and try and work on different perspectives, then I'll get a reference up for you guys. :)
I've also been thinking a lot about what Rei's fighting style will be and her weapons and stuff, but that will be discussed later. xD I need to focus more on little Rei haha

That's about it for now;;; School is gonna be over this week(if I'm exempted from all of my semester exams, and I'm pretty sure I am :D) so I'll get as much work done as I can before I leave for the Philippines on June 1st. I'll be in the city more so hopefully I'll have more internet connection, so I can still give you updates. I don't know if I should bring my laptop though :/ humm if I end up not bringing it, I do plan to start drawing the pages while I'm over there, and I'll tone them when I get back. Hopefully before school starts, you'll have the first volume of Living in a Cloud :)

That's my plan! Wish me luck. xDD

Oh, and does anyone have any good references to a classroom setting? I need it for the first few pages :D It'd be greatly appreciated! you guys think I should put this on smackjeeves once I get a good amount of pages done? xD

I love you guyssss~

Final designs?

first off

I had so much fun drawing this. xDDD
First one came out the best hands down in my opinion. She looks most her age and plus I just have trouble with front views and 3/4 views facing to the right haha.

What do you guys think? I decided that she'll have 3 different outfits instead of just 2. :D
Do you think I should draw her wearing some of the other outfits too? It might provide a better visual.
Colors will be added soon once I get these designs taken care of. xD
I know they all look very different from each other, but I'm sure some people love dressing up babies/little kids like they're giant dolls. XD So maybe it makes sense to have such different outfits? hopefully that makes sense. XD

ffff can't get over how adorable Rei is.