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Chapter 1 Script!

Sorry guys! It's been forever since I last updated this;;;;
But I want to assure you that I'm working hard on my manga since I recently finished Birth by Sleep and it punched me in the face with some inspiration.

Though, I finished planning out Chapter 1 today, I wouldn't be planning on any pages coming soon. Well not super soon. They might come soon? I make no sense xD

But! I plan on writing out my manga until about chapter 5 before I focus on actually drawing the pages.

I've also been thinking about making Rei's story about 75% KH related. Sure she goes to the worlds of other anime and manga, but her story will more be weaved in with KH. If I were to put her into too many anime worlds, it would mess up the time block, the manga would end up dragging and being too long, and the main focus would just be completely lost. It would completely ignore the "don't interfere in other worldly affairs" rule and stuff.

Two worlds I'm POSITIVE she's going to go to are Digimon and Naruto worlds.

I'll tell you now that Digimon is pretty important in the story. it teachers her about friendship and how to protect the people important to her.

Chapter 5 I'm thinking is probably around the part before she goes there. after that it'll take me longer to plan because I need to rewatch the first 4 seasons and see how I'm going to do what I want to do with her story(I refuse to watch the 5th season. XDD).

Naruto is important to teach her self defense, but other than that, I don't think I'll have her go back there. So her time there will be fairly short. I originally wanted her to be pretty involved with the naruto world, but again, that would ignore the rule and the time block would be completely messed up.

OH OH and after playing birth by sleep, I thought of a REALLY good idea, ughhh I want to tell you all but I don't want to spoil it. xD hopefully I'll be fast with my planning and you guys won't have to wait long~

So that's where I am right now. I'm working hard and trying to think of all the detail and the flow and everything.

So what do you think? Are there any worlds you really want Rei to visit?

I'm sorry that I haven't been as dedicated to this manga as much as I promised I would be the past few years.(that's right. I tried starting this back when I was in 6th grade. xD;)

I'm really determined now! And I will try my best!


Okay~ So I got the new manga up. :3

EXCUSE THE TYPO ON THE COVER THOUGH. OTL it says "On" instead of "In" ughhh

>A> and for some reason, it won't let me edit the pages. i guess I have to wait until it's published onto my profile or something.

But besides that, check it out!


What do you guys want?

Hey there~

I'm just wondering...would you guys want me to submit some pages now, or get some more done and then spam you with updates? :D

Please comment~

New Title

As you can see by the title of this world, I've changed the title of my manga XD

Mostly because things like "Request of the Heart" or "Forgotten Dreams" just sounds too cliche

So I went onto the idiom list on Wikipedia to find a new title. What I found was "Living in a Cloud" which means having unrealistic or foolish beliefs or plans.

Andddd if I'm thinking of a new title, that means manga pages are coming soon~ Really they are. I have like, 6 pages done? only about 4 of them are real pages though. XD;

Tell me what you think~<3

Heart Blade Info

Some info about Rei's weapons that I recently brainstormed about
btw, completely lame name. I'm open for suggestions for changing the name "Heart Blade"~~~

Heart Blades:
Fantasia- Ability: Takes away the darkness in someone's heart (purifies)
Nightmare- Ability: Takes away the light in someone's heart (corrupts)
+ Unlike the Keyblade, they can't capture hearts
+ A person that is corrupted by Nightmare will turn into a heartless
+ A person that is completely purified will eventually be lost in their own happiness (so absorbed in the light that they will eventually lose their consciousness)
+ The user must be EXTREMELY accurate during attacks. For an example: if you need to attack a human, Fantasia and Nightmare need to get EQUAL amounts of hits, or else that person's heart will become unbalanced and could be deadly to the person's sanity
+ A person being corrupted by Nightmare will start hallucinating. Their mind will be eaten up by insanity
+ You CAN have too much of a good thing. Too much light will cause a person to be put into some kind of daze. Their mind will go into some kind of "dream state"; another form of insanity rotting a person's mind
+ Only appears when a large source/amount of darkness or light is approaching (and no...I don't mean night and day.)
+ Cannot be summoned at will

so yea
extremely hard weapons to master
Hit a person with the wrong amount of hits and you can really mess them up
that's why Rei mostly uses martial arts. Even though she doesn't have any strength and stanima, she has excellent technique and speed.

Plus there's gonna be this big fight between Keirx and Rei. And Keirx gets Nightmare and Rei gets Fantasia. It's a fight to see who goes insane first. :O

Really hard to think of a good reason to prove that having too much light can be badddd. What I was thinking is that the person will SEE THE LIGHT and be so absorbed in happiness that they can become brain dead or something. Maybe like your high on light...??? idk XDDD

yupyup. Hope you guys have a better idea about them now~
REMEMBER OPEN FOR SUGGESTIONS FOR CHANGING "HEART BLADE"~~~ Something that relates to the heart at least. idc if it's in another language or something, as long as it sounds cool~

ilu guys~ :3