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and I'm about to submit manga pages
that's all xD

Preview Preview!

Another little previewwwww and more DBZ Kai xD
All of these pages are turning out awesome! I can't wait to start toning~ *w*


Another previewwww~
I love the way the Clown's gate turned out :D


Page Preview!
There was a lot of experimenting on this one. I'm really trying hard to make my lineart better and adding more detail.
Hopefully it looks okay :D btw, I've been watching DBZ Kai while I was drawing. XD English version, because I like Goku's voice c: Plus it's hard to draw and read subtitles at the same time D:

4 more days...

...until school starts....
I don't think I'll be able to update before then :'( I'm sorry guys.
I just finished my summer reading yesterday(original plan was to finish that up last week...but I procrastinated OTL) so I don't have to worry about that anymore.
In the next 4 days, I'm going to work on linearting as many pages as I can. Toning won't take that long, so I can tone a few pages after school each day. I WILL get chapter 1 done for you guys before August is over. If I don't...slap me. XD
Over the past few days, I went back and edited some pages and changed the font from Manga Temple to Anime Ace(I like it better xD) and I tweaked the art in some places. The only pages that haven't been updated are 4,7, and 8 I think. :U For some reason my computer keeps lagging on those pages, but it did all of the other pages easily.

Also, do you guys think I should put LIAC on SmackJeeves? Not right now, I'm thinking after I get Volume 1 done.

Thank you for all of your support guys :D I've been looking at a lot of tutorials lately, so hopefully the next few pages will look better than the ones I have up now~

Take care everyone! *hugs*