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Quick Question

Would you guys like me to upload the first 10 pages of LiaC?
I don't like to keep you guys waiting xD; but then again, if I submit now then you'll be waiting for even more pages(at least that's how i am sometimes OTL) :U
In the future, I'll submit each chapter in it's whole. This chapter is just extra long xD;
idk it's up to you guys. If 1 or 2 people say yes I think I'll go ahead and put them up.
I have an idea for the cover, but I want to at least get chapter 1 finished before i work on it. XD Since I've already started drawing it, I feel like I can't work on anything else until I finish haha!

Soooo what do you think?

Page 1 sneak peak!

Presenting page 1!!! xD I guess it's not much of a "sneak peak" because I'm showing the whole thing OTL

The real reason I wanted to put this up was that I want to ask for your opinions. What do you think of the toning? is it too much? Any suggestions? Should I do more black shading? If so, where?
This will help a lot for future pages :) I want it to be perfect for you guys!

also, I've looked through a bunch of mangas lately, and the first chapter is always the longest. I think Reborn's first chapter is around 50 pages o.o
Truthfully, I haven't fully sketched out chapter one;;; plus I need to erase a bunch of stuff to fix it since it's too wordy OTL But my plan is to have chapter 1 around 45 pages. I'll update you guys on every ten pages I get done :D Then hopefully I'll be able to give you a release date. I REALLY wanted to get chapter 1 before August started but I don't think that will happen OTL In August I have to worry about getting summer hw done(haven't even started OTL) and piano and violin lessons starting up again :/ School starts for me around the end of August if I work really hard I'm sure I can get chapter 1 done before then! My biggest hope is volume 1 done before next summer. The chapters after chapter one won't be nearly as hard :D (hopefully)

Anyways, thank you for viewing! I will try my best to get chapter 1 done for you guys<3

Living in a Cloud logo?

Simple. Easy to read.
What do you guys think?

Also I'm trying to think of a cover but I'm not having any luck. XD;;;
As far as pages go, I'm going back over them and trying to improve my art here and there. But I still have about 7 requests to get done /sob

Let's see if I can get 3 done today. @__@ probably not...

Thank you for reading<3

New worlds

So lately I've been obsessed with Fairy Tail
and Gray Fullbuster's abs.

Don't judge.

So, I've decided to put in Fairy Tail as a world in my manga :D
I'm still not too sure on which Disney worlds though, but I am determined on putting in Tangled somewhere in there. :)

This is the updated plan in order(changes in bold):

Disney Castle/Disney Town
Yen Sid's Tower
Digital World(Digimon X-Evolution version)
Traverse Town
(I need a certain kind of world here but I haven't thought of one yet;;;)
Twilight Town
Castle Oblivion
Wan Shi Tong's Library (Avatar: The Last Airbender)
(Still not 100% sure, so these still have a possibility to change)
Amestris(Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)
Gash Bell World
Fiore(Fairy Tail)
Hollow Bastion
Digital World(spin-off of Frontier. I'm thinking of having it when they're older and they come back to the Digital World)
Halloween Town/Christmas Town
The World That Never Was
Destiny Islands
(where the story goes from here is yet to be determined)

A reminder: My manga will have some spoilers on Birth By Sleep at the very beginning. Don't tell me I didn't warn ya :D

Also, Rei's not going to play any major part in any of the Anime storylines. I'm going to have to compress X-evolution a little if I'm going to have her go there. :U I still have to rewatch it(for the 3rd time xD) to find out how I'm going to work her in. I'm not sure what she'll do in the FMA or Gash Bell world, but I'm thinking of having her present during the Harvest Festival in Fiore.

I still want to work in some more Disney worlds before she goes to The World That Never Was, but I don't want to over do it :/ Are there any Disney Movies that haven't been featured in Kingdom Hearts that you'd want to see?

Another idea I'm building on and have decided to keep is that Rei's motivation on travelling to other worlds is to preform a study on hearts kinda like Ansem the Wise. It's still different though. She tries to understand "heart energy" and how it's used on different worlds and stuff. It's kind of complicated but a lot of it(but not all of it) will be explained somewhere near the beginning. :)

I STILL can't think of a cover or a logo for my manga :/ I really want something cool and original like the BLEACH and Naruto logos /sigh For the cover, I don't know if I should make it complicated or simple. Like BLEACH covers usually just have a character on it, right? and then other mangas have groups of characters sometimes D< It's hard to think of ideas

I haven't been able to work on any pages because I've been focusing on getting requests and Gray Fullbuster's abs, but once that is all done I'll work on pages ASAP! :D

I love you all! Thank you for your support<3 I will work hard :)