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New Gate Keeper Design + Voice Meme + Livestream?!

So thanks to my friend Twams, I've gotten into watching Ippus's livestreams and have been trying out her style. :D It's a lot of fun and I find it much easier than my usual way of linearting too. Though, it can get frustrating sometimes considering that it's all on one layer xD; File size is HUGEEEEEE.

But yeah, this is the Gate Keeper(he doesn't have a name, and probably never will. XD). After I get chapter 1, I'm going to go back and fix up his designs in every page he shows up in. XDDD He'll still have his cape thing though, so it won't be too much work.

PFFFT I have so many WiPs but I never actually go around to finish them. @__@ I have this picture, my beach picture, Rei's ref, and a Marshall Lee pic.
Not to mention Manga pages @__@
I will get previews to you guys as soon as I can! I have the next four pages sketched out and they look really good. I'm trying out more complicated poses since I recently got a big manikin. I had a small one before, but I had no understanding on anatomy in the first place. Didn't help much. Plus I broke it. XD
So sorry I haven't been able to consistently update my pages.... ;_; Tale of Two Cities is kicking my butt. I mean, I get most of the main stuff. But I always end up doing terribly on the reading quizzes OTL plus my teacher is assigning all of these other projects to go along with it. There's historical fiction journal entries and dialectical journals and asdfja;dkfja I'm just horrid at English D:

In other news. I just finished listening to Den-chan's voice meme and Sayura is encouraging me to do one too. xD so uhhhh questions? Ask me a lot. I like rambling :D And instead of voice meme, I might make it video, and show the coloring of the GK pic while answering questions. I might play some Adventure Time songs on my uke too.

Also, after watching so many Ippus livestreams, I was thinking of doing one too. I didn't really know much about it until a few days ago. xD It looks pretty fun. :D Not now of course. October ended up being way busier than I thought it would be....maybe during Christmas or Summer break? idk. Anything I need to know about livestream?

So yeah. That's it I think. C:
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2434 px by 2230 px at 300 dpi

I worked on this all day, and the lineart itself isn't even halfway done. =_= plus I still need to do homework >A>
I think this is what I'm going to end up submitting for the contest. But I still need to type up a long arse bio. XD

For those who have known Rei for a long time, she has become VERY EXTREMELY COMPLICATED and I've gone in really deep with her character :D So expect to see a mega huge bio tomorrow. I'm going to go into as much detail as I can without spoiling anything~

I hope everyone is doing well!<3

What do you think....

...of me doing my next few pages traditionally?

I recently got these AMAZING Micron inks. They're seriously super awesome.

The only problem is that I SUCK at inking traditionally. I've been practicing but I still can't get it right ;__; I've been practicing with the thickest pen which is actually more of a brush. Mark Crilley once said that if you use a thin pen, all you get is thin lines. If you use a thick pen, you can get both thick and thin, or something like that. So I've been thinking that if I'm able to control it at the thickest, then it'll help me improve a ton and stuff y'know? But I get so scared of messing up and I get kind of frustrated ^^;;;

If anyone has any tips, it'd be greatly appreciated. It's much more fun, easier, and looks a lot better to do my shading and cross hatching and stuff with those pens, but when it comes to linearting it just doesn't work out...

I'm sure if I manage to get this inking thing down, you'll see a MAJOR improvement in pages. I rely on photoshop a lot. You have no idea how much I edit things in PS. I'm sure if I get more into traditional, I'll get better at being patient, steady, and a lot more natural. I sometimes doodle with pen in class, and the strokes and the whole composition looks really good. However, when I get to the mindset of a serious picture, I'm so worried that I'm going to mess up that my strokes aren't as free and flowing. You know what I mean?

Also I need to figure out what type of style I'm aiming for so I can be more consistent in my style when I draw chapter 2. I'm thinking that sometime after Volume 1., I'll go back and redo most of the pages in chapter 1 just for the sake of keeping the whole chapter consistent. Chapter 1 is so jumpy, especially since I've with school. I can't constantly make pages and stay in my groove. I have to go back to practicing soon.

October 13th.
That's when my stupid All-region audition my and violin recitals are over.
After that I'm going to try my best and hit the pages hard.

Sorry for my poor ability to explain things btw. XD; I'm not good with words, that's why I draw.

Thank you for reading<3 I hope you all are doing well. :)

Rei Timeline

A timeline of Rei I drew during class. Each section is on a separate page, so I oh so crappily pasted it together in photoshop. My style is so inconsistent ughhhh :I

I love her KH:CoM outfit<3 and yes, she's suppose to look like a dude c:


Hello everyone! I'm sorry that I've been so inactive lately...School and violin have been kicking my butt lately. I mean, it's not hard, just time consuming @__@

Anyways, I really need some help. I have the script ready and I know how I want to draw the next pages, but I have no idea how to panel it. Do you guys know of any mangas where they have this huge explanation part? Something like what you find in Fantasy mangas where they explain their whole world or something. If you know of any good ones, could you possibly link me to the chapter so I could study it? It would help so much you have no idea.

Hmmm I think that's about it. I'll try my best to get pages in very soon :)

Take care everyone<3