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Any information about the manga, the characters, the story, etc. will be posted here~

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Rei Timeline

A timeline of Rei I drew during class. Each section is on a separate page, so I oh so crappily pasted it together in photoshop. My style is so inconsistent ughhhh :I

I love her KH:CoM outfit<3 and yes, she's suppose to look like a dude c:


Hello everyone! I'm sorry that I've been so inactive lately...School and violin have been kicking my butt lately. I mean, it's not hard, just time consuming @__@

Anyways, I really need some help. I have the script ready and I know how I want to draw the next pages, but I have no idea how to panel it. Do you guys know of any mangas where they have this huge explanation part? Something like what you find in Fantasy mangas where they explain their whole world or something. If you know of any good ones, could you possibly link me to the chapter so I could study it? It would help so much you have no idea.

Hmmm I think that's about it. I'll try my best to get pages in very soon :)

Take care everyone<3



and I'm about to submit manga pages
that's all xD

Preview Preview!

Another little previewwwww and more DBZ Kai xD
All of these pages are turning out awesome! I can't wait to start toning~ *w*


Another previewwww~
I love the way the Clown's gate turned out :D