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LiaC Script - KH2 Prologue - Day 6

I recently replayed the prologue to KH2 (aka the Roxas scenes) and I thought it'd be a good idea to go ahead and write out some script things for it before I forget the dialogue I came up with. SO HERE'S SOME SCRIPT SINCE IDK WHEN THE NEXT TIME I'LL GET PAGES DONE PLEASE FORGIVE ME. Please let me know how I'm doing! I really want to keep everyone in character and I don't want Roxas and Rei's relationship to be TOO shippy (even though i ship them HARDCORE.)


Roxas is surrounded by Dusks. Roxas fights them off.

Axel: [Clapping] Look at you, Roxas. Fight, fight, fight.

More dusks surround Roxas, but this time another hooded figure jumps in and defeats them.

Axel: Tch. Interfering again?
Rei: I won’t let you hurt him!
Axel: Do you even know what you’re doing by helping them? Even if he does become whole…
Rei: I just wanted him to spend his last few days in a normal life!
Axel: [Angry] A normal life with constant lies and fake friends? Real friends are honest! [Attacks Rei] You think you’re doing what’s best? You couldn’t even do that for yourself! What makes you think you know what’s good for him? [They fight] Everyone always thinks they’re right. It seriously ticks me off! [Rei takes a hit to the arm and is knocked down.] Tell me Roxas...would you rather suffer the loss of a real friendship [pull Rei’s hood off] or some make believe one?!
Roxas: Rei…?!
Axel: [throws Rei to the side and puts up a fire wall] She’s been working for the people keeping you in here, lying to you.
Roxas: Axel...
Axel: So you do remember me...I’m so FLATTERED [summons chakrams and fight begins]


Roxas: I’ll see you in the next life.
Axel: Silly...just because you have a one…[disappears]
Roxas: [recalls keyblades and turns to Rei, who’s curled up avoiding eye contact. He walks up to her] You knew this whole time.
Rei: [crying] I’m sorry...I’m so so sorry...I’m so sorry…
Roxas: Why didn’t you tell me?
Rei: I wanted to! I wanted to tell you so badly! But if I did, they would’ve taken me out of the program. I just...I just wanted to spend your last days with you! But to do that I had to lie to you, I had to deceive you. I even had Namine alter my own memories just to make the lie more believable! I’m sorry...I’m so sorry…our memories together are all fake!
Roxas: [leans down] you remember that time when we all went stargazing, even though it was freezing outside? We all huddled up together and ended up staying out there for hours. [Rei looks at him] Or that time you and Ollette tried straightening Hayner’s hair while Pence and I tied it into little pony tails? He was so pissed!
Rei: Roxas... all of those memories...they aren’t--
Roxas: Do you remember that time we saw the lanterns together? [Rei looks at him, shocked] We ate so much food, I could barely stand! And we almost couldn’t get a lantern because all of the stores were sold out! [grabs her hand] Rei...all of those memories are real to me. Everything I felt...the warmth that I feel when I think of those moments...that’s real. Our friendship is real. [smile/crying] Please tell me those memories were real for you too.
Rei: Roxas…[smile/crying] you big dork, of course they were real! They’ most precious memories.
Roxas: [chuckles] haha see? Then there’s nothing to worry about, Rei. We’ll always be friends. [Grabs her face] So stop crying, ya hear? You’re making me cry too…!
Rei: [wipes tears and smiles] I’m trying, I’m trying! Geeze!
Roxas: [puts his white ring on her finger]
Rei: What are you doing?
Roxas: As someone who wasn’t suppose to’d be nice to have something to leave behind to prove I was real. [smiles]
Roxas: I’m sorry Axel beat you up. Will your arm be okay?
Rei: Ha, did it look that bad? Don’t worry, I’ll be fine.
Roxas: Let me help you up.
Door opens and Roxas and Rei start walking down the hallway. Roxas looks at the capsules.

Rei: That’s Donald and Goofy.
Roxas: They’re his friends, right? [Rei nods] Did you know him?
Rei: I met you before him, but I didn’t realize there was a connection between you two. He was already asleep when I first saw him...Roxas…?
Roxas: yes?
Rei: You don’t need to do this. Why don’t we just leave? You deserve to live the life you want. You deserve to be your own person. You don’t have to go away.
Roxas: Yeah...that sounds really nice.

Riku appears behind them and he knocks Roxas aside, separating the two.

Rei: Roxas!
Riku: [grabs Rei’s arm] You’ve overstepped your boundaries. We’re leaving. [He opens a portal and throws her in]
Roxas: Rei! Wait!! [he runs after them, but the portal disappears]
DiZ: What a selfish girl.
Roxas: You!!


Riku pushes her forward through the portal. Rei turns to him, angry.

Rei: Why?!
Riku: We told you we’d eject you from the program if you disobeyed orders.
Rei: Why do I have to sacrifice my best friend for yours?!
Riku: Tch. What do you know about friends?
Rei: What makes Sora any more than what Roxas is?
Riku: He’s stole something from Sora, and it’s about time he gave it back.
Rei: Shut up! You’re just like DiZ! Roxas is--
Riku: Nobodies were never meant to exist. They don’t have a right to be. Why should I value that over Sora? The person who has affected hundreds of people’s lives and saved the worlds from plunging into darkness? Rei, no matter how you look at it, Roxas must return to Sora. It’s what’s best for everyone. You’re just thinking of what’s best for your temporary feelings. What gives Roxas the right to live his own happy life while Sora is left in eternal sleep? How is that fair? Unlike you, my friendship is real, and I won’t let your little forged friendship keep us from completing our mission.

*Canon KH2 DiZ/Roxas scenes*


DiZ: Sora should be waking soon. It is best we leave the mansion before he discovers us.
Riku: Agreed. [turns to Rei, who starts heading to the capsule room] Rei, wait--!
DiZ: Leave her be. She no longer aligns with our goals. Besides, it’s about time she met Sora. Maybe he can kick her down a notch or two.
Riku: And her darkness?
DiZ: You know well enough that it’s up to her to fight her own darkness. I assume you have your own agenda to attend to?
Riku: [nods] I only agreed to help wake up Sora.
DiZ: Well then, good luck to you...Ansem.



I couldn't wait until I finished all 15 pages to post, so you're getting 10 instead. The rest will be drawn during winter break<3



HAVING SOME ROKUREI FEELS so here's some songs that make me think about their relationship because WHY NOT. It seems like a fun idea and maybe you guys will like the songs. I give credit to one of my friends for showing me most of these songs because he made a friendship mix tape before all our friends left for uni.

(also I know it doesn't look like it but there are links lol)

1. We're Going to Be Friends by The White Stripes
2. Alive by Empire of the Sun
3. Dear Friend by Emanuel and the Fear
4. Kingdom Dance from Tangled
5. Strings by Young the Giant
6. Anna Sun by Walk the Moon
7. Waiting For My Real Life to Begin by Colin Hay
8. Wishful Thinking by The Album Leaf
9. Simple Song by The Shins
10. All These Things That I've Done by The Killers
11. Miss You by Foster the People
12. Darling by Max Schneider
13. Somewhere Only We Know by Keane

Also, I've started working on pages again. I'm literally getting chills at a certain part because I am so so SO excited to draw it omg. The next update will be 15 pages, so you breeches ready because you're going to soil them. Currently a third of the way through~

Love you all<3

Rei outfit revamp?

Just a little late night thinking

I’m currently working on requests, and allycat2090 asked me to draw Rei. I’m challenging myself to get really detailed with these requests, and so I start studying some Final Fantasy designs to help me make the weird collar thing Rei has more realistic. Well, obviously, Nomura designs are amazingly breathtaking, even if they are complicated and sometimes not as functional as they probably should be.
Anyways, what I’m getting at is that I’m considering playing around with Rei’s design a bit more. Rei’s current design was created in 2010, so it’s extremely outdated. Don’t get me wrong, I still like it a lot and I plan on keeping it pretty simple compared to the typical Nomura designs. It’s just that I feel like I could do more with it by changing small details or taking different approaches to certain aspects of the outfit without making a completely different outfit (if that makes sense). But idk, I might end up making a completely different outfit YOU JUST NEVER KNOW WHAT MAY HAPPEN.

I played a little small tweaks to the outfit by giving Rei a holster bag in my most recent picture of her, but then I found out that Lightning already has one so I don’t want to use it anymore. XD So idk, I’ll be playing around with the idea a bit more.

Just a little update~~ Once I get done with these requests, I’m going back to working on my manga in my free time. :D

Love you guys!!<3

The concept of "Heart Energy" and Rei's Heart Blades

First things first I'M THE REALEST I just wanted to thank everyone from the deepest part of my heart for all of the support you all have given me for this comic<3 I'm so proud of how these recent pages turned out and how much progress I've made! This summer, I was able to write out 40 pages of script and draw out 30 comic pages. This is such a great project to help me stay productive during the summer, draw constantly, exercise my creative mind, and learn how to draw a large variety of characters consistently. Not only that, but this story means so much to me. I'm so glad there's so much support for it. :)

Anyways, the next big update unfortunately won't be until December most likely. School will be starting for me next week, but I will continue to plan and sketch so I'll be ready to ink and tone when the time comes. :) So, to give you a little more information to help you get through this hiatus, I'll be explaining the concept of Heart Energy and providing more information about Rei's Heart Blades. Most of these will be excepts from the script, but I'll also provide some extra explanations and some future ideas relating to the concept.

If you go to page 1 of LiaC, it explains the basic concept of the conservation of energy. This same rule applies to heart energy. Things like magic are just forms of heart energy that have been converted into a tangible form/power.

"Heart energy goes by many names. Chakra, spirit, soul, aura, chi…all refer to the same metaphysical energy that flows throughout the human body. It serves as the root of power that fuels several different techniques. By drawing out this energy, an individual has the power to manipulate it and use it for performances outside the body. How the user is able to manipulate this energy often depends on the person themselves. The ability to control heart energy can either be natural or require long years of training and concentration. Sometimes a being’s heart energy is specific to one technique while others are flexible enough to learn a variety of techniques. There is also the possibility of a person’s heart energy to be amplified by special items or events, such as magical artifacts, the absorption or transfer of another’s heart energy, or even by eating special fruits. This could either strengthen the person’s present techniques, or it can give them new ones. A person’s source of heart energy is limited, however. Using up too much energy will cause the person’s body to feel weak and frail."

This concept is flexible enough to be applied to all techniques, and it's a lot of fun to watch some kind of fantasy anime, and try to reason how they are manipulating their heart energy. Now, everyone is different. Even though everyone has the potential to control their heart energy, how a person is able to manipulate it and control often depends on the person themselves. Sometimes it comes down to genetics, other times it comes down to training. For example, Videl from DBZ was a normal human being, but through training and by becoming aware of her heart energy, she was able to control it.

Even though everyone has heart energy, heart techniques are a little more special. Heart techniques come in many forms and powers, and not everyone has a technique.

"For example, your Queen Minnie has the ability to make judgements about the person’s characteristics, personality, and power. Through physical contact, she’s able to read people’s thoughts by matching her natural heart wavelength with theirs. Like Queen Minnie, I too can read the wavelengths of hearts, but it is better suited for reading the hearts of other worlds. By reading the heart of the stars, I can see the happenings of individual worlds and sense the balance of the universe. Others have heart techniques that give them the ability to sense the strength of another’s heart energy (DBZ), to sense the balance of light and darkness in one’s heart (Princess Mononoke?), to identify people by their heart wavelengths (Soul Eater, Assassin’s Creed). There are countless heart techniques out there, some more developed than others. Many, like Queen Minnie and [Yen Sid], can hear the wavelengths of other hearts. Some use a heightened sense of touch to feel heart wavelengths."

Headcanon: Riku smells heart wavelengths.


Anyways, Rei's heart technique, on the other hand, is similar to Maka's (Soul Eater) ability to directly see soul wavelengths (or in Rei's case, heart wavelengths). Having this ability allows Rei to identify people's wavelength and either manipulate her own heart wavelength to redirect or cancel out another person's technique. Now, this doesn't necessarily mean that she has complete control over that person's technique.

Let's break it down using fire bending from Avatar: the Last Airbender/Legend of Korra for an example. Fire needs three things: Oxygen, heat, and fuel. Unlike air benders, water benders, and earth benders, fire benders often have to create their own fire in order to fire bend. Using the heart energy concept, this is easy to explain. A fire bender would expel a part of his heart energy from his body; this is the fuel. From there, he uses another part of his heart energy and converts it to heat energy. Heat + Fuel + Oxygen in the air = super special awesome fire bending. Now say a fire bender attacks Rei. She has a split second to identify the wavelengths of the fire, and then by changing her natural heart wavelength to that of the heat energy, she can cancel out the heat and cause the fire to disappear. However, even though she can cancel it out or redirect the fire bender's attacks, she cannot fire bend aka she can't make fire from her heart energy. Rei actually can't use any magic at all. She uses materia (FFVII) to perform the magic for her.

But yeah heart techniques are pretty neat. Plus, they can evolve and be developed if the user can train it. For example, Minnie's heart technique is pretty basic compared to Yen Sid's. In Rei's case, you see her get better at using her heart technique. It starts out pretty weak (because like damn she's four). Rather than seeing the wavelengths, it's more like sensing. If she does see it, it's more like weird flashes or glimpses of heart wavelengths, but she really can't look at them (if that makes sense.) As she gets older, she is able to see them better and eventually she's able to identify wavelengths and manipulate her own.

Another important thing to remember is that sometimes people can gain new techniques when they travel to a different world, such as Ginta from MAR, but a person is strongest when they are on their home world since the world's heart amplifies it. Spoiler alert for my manga: the reason no one from Rei's world (AKA our world) can use any magic or summons or anything is because her world actually cancels out our heart energy and prevents any of that magical stuff to happen.

The concept of heart energy was greatly inspired and aided by Konjiki no Gash Bell, Soul Eater, DBZ, and Fairy Tail, but I just added a bunch of science-y stuff to it BECAUSE I'M A BIG HUGE NERD.

Now that I've explained the concept of heart energy, I'm going to provide a little more information about Rei's heart blades.

"A heart blade is formed when the wielder extends his or her heart energy from their body. It requires strong concentration and mastery of one’s own heart energy to summon voluntarily. The heart blade is a tangible manifestation of the wielder’s heart energy, and it requires the wielder to maintain the form of the blade by focusing his or her heart energy. if the link between the sword and the point of energy concentration is drawn too far apart, then the blade will lose its form and the user will become weaker due to the dispersion of energy."

Rei must concentrate her energy on keeping the form of her blades. Each blade has a different base form, but technically the user is able to extend or retract the blade to a desired length (BUT REI DOESN'T KNOW THAT). One problem with the heart blade is that since Rei is constantly feeding her heart energy to maintain the tangible form of the blade, if the blade is knocked from her hand, the connection will be broken and her heart energy will be dispersed everywhereeee. So it'll leave her feeling weak, and she'll have to wait a while until she can summon it again. Now, if she recalls the blades on her own, there is no loss of energy. There are a few more problems with the heart blades:

"Heart blades have the ability to give and take heart energy from those struck by it. By giving your heart energy to others, you have the possibility of restoring theirs. However, you can also use it offensively by driving your heart wavelength directly into the opponent’s body through a physical strike, which can cause strong direct and internal damage. By taking heart energy from your opponent, you can restore your own heart energy, but a direct strike through a person’s heart can shatter it into pieces...Whether the heart blade gives or takes is not determined by you. It is determined by the balance of light and dark in your heart. Even those with the purest intentions can become lost...We all have darkness in our hearts."

Since Rei's blades act as an extension of herself, she has a longer range of applying her heart energy and it's easier with those blades. However, as explained above, there are a lot of things that could go wrong. It's kinda like Elsa's (Frozen) ice powers. If you get struck in the heart, it kinda really sucks. If you're struck directly through the heart with Rei's heart blade, you just kinda go limp. You don't turn into a heartless or a nobody, you're just kinda stuck with no place to go. Your heart can be restored, but it needs to be done with the other half of the heart blade.

Even though Rei's blades are kinda special, everyone who had come from our world and passed through the gate would gain their own heart blades. It's just that the gate's been closed for so long that they kinda disappeared. Also, Rei doesn't dual wield until way later. In order to dual wield, you need to have a balance between light and darkness in your heart. So here's the million dollar question, how is the Gate Keeper able to wield two swords?

That's a quick crash course about how things work in my manga. If any of that didn't make sense, let me know so i can explain it better/change it in the script so it does make sense. XD

Thank you for reading!! Hopefully this is enough to make up for the hiatus. :D Until next time! I love you all<3