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Late Night Can't Even Post

So like??? My friend introduced me to Porter Robinson and I can't even handle how much his piece Fellow Feeling makes me think of Rei and how perfect it is. Favorite part is the VOICE. It's so Rei and sounds like her and ah it makes me happy ; o ; someone tell me who is the voice I must know

Anyways, chapter 2 is almost done I just haven't been posting anything yet MWAHAHAHaasdjka

LiaC Script - Old Script

SOOO while cleaning up a part of my house, I found a notebook that I thought I had lost like three years ago. Surprise surprise it has my old LiaC script in it! :D I actually have most of Volume 1 written out. Everything is basically the exact same except I have the Gate Keepers story figured out now. Though I think my writing has improved, I think I handled the beginning of Chapter 2 a lot better back then. xD So I thought I should share. :) I've decided that I'm going to make some little tweaks to existing pages and even add/redo some pages to match what I have in this old script, because I really do like some ideas I had. But don't worry, I won't make any changes until Volume 1 is completely finished. That way once I do make the changes, you can go back and read the whole volume. :D And none of them are really big changes, it's mostly changes in dialogue and showing more characters :)


- Disney Castle -

[Minnie walks into the garden]

Minnie: Rei? Are you here?
Rei: [turns around] Your Majesty! Were you looking for me?
Minnie: There you are! I was wondering if you wanted to come with me to help set up for the Dream Festival.
Rei: [gasp] The Dream Festival? Yes! I would love to help!
Minnie: I'm glad to hear that! Come! The others are already at Disney Town waiting.
Rei: Yes ma'am!

- Disney Town -

Daisy: Now then, let's begin to assign this year's jobs. Chip and Dale, you'll be in charge of the Rumble Racing Track. Be sure that all of the vehicles are running smoothly and that there is nothing dangerous on the track.
Chip and Dale: Roger that!
Daisy: Huey, Dewey, and Louie, you guys will be in charge of the food stalls. Be sure there's enough food for everyone.
H,D,L: You got it!
Daisy: Horace, you'll be in charge of the Fruitball game this year. The fruits are on their way, we just need to set up the nets.
Horace: Yes Ma'am!
Daisy: Pete, we'll need you to go down and check the electricity. It's been acting strange lately, and we're having a few short blackouts.
Pete: Sounds like a job for...[pulls off clothes and reveals costume] Captain Justice!
Rei: Captain Justice! [admires]
Daisy: Sure....just make sure you actually do the job, Pete. Max and Rei, you'll be helping the Queen and I put up all the decorations.
Rei: Yay!
Max: Awesome! We'll take care of the decorations in the Main Plaza and the Fruit Ball area.
Minnie: Allright then. We'll take care of the decorations near the Raceway.
Daisy: [claps] Hup hup! Let's get to work then! Don't forget to keep an eye out for people you want to vote for to receive the Million Dreams Award!

Max: [sets down a box of lights] Whew! These are the last boxes.
Rei: Hey Maxy! None of the lights are working!
Max: You've got to be kidding me! What are we going to do? [Looks over and sees Pete] Ugh, There's your problem. That Pete didn't fix the electricity.
Rei: [puts down the lights and starts running off]
Max: Where are you going?
Rei: Captain Justice is busy helping everyone else! I'm going to go fix the lights!
Max: W-what?! No Rei that's dangerous!
Rei: [goes down manhole]
Max: Oh man I've got to go after her!
Horace: Max! You shouldn't be playing there.
Max: Wait! You don't understand! [Horace pulls him back]
Horace: Anyways, I know there are few decorations you still have to put up, but the festival is about to start and I can't get the last net up! Think you could help me out?

LiaC Script - KH:CoM - Replicas

Inspiration for this concept is from Vanitas from KH:BBS, Persona 4 and Lumina from Lightning Returns: FFXIII. I haven't *actually* played CoM yet (because I hate the card system omg) but hopefully Vexen is in character~
GK is the Gate Keeper just to clarify~~

GK: The data I want you to use is right here. [throws Vexen a card] I sampled her memories earlier for you.
Vexen: What is this? This is incomplete data.
GK: That right there is a sample of Rei’s most painful memories and her repressed emotions. Add a little chaos and she’ll become a manifestation of Rei’s despair.
Vexen: I see...however, I’m curious on why it was necessary to retrieve the nobody of Rei. We could’ve made our own replica of her.
GK: Unlike No.i, the data we have right now is just a copy of Rei’s memories. If copied memories are put into a replica, upon defeat the puppet would just become an empty, unresponsive vessel.
Vexen: You have a point. We would need a piece of her heart, similar to how No.i is made of Sora’s fractured memories. But wait, you make it sound like you want this replica to be destroyed.
GK: I do. I need her to become a part of Rei. You see, no matter what path your Organization decides to take, in the end you’re all fated to disappear. Even if you do become “whole” your identity as a nobody is erased. Instead, your other half simply remembers being broken. There will always be an Even, but never a Vexen.
GK: Now take someone who is more self-aware and independent, like your thirteenth member, Roxas. If he reunites with Sora, there is a possibility that he will retain his sense of self and continue to survive. Imagine -- if a nobody is able to stay conscious, what if we were able to maintain control over them?
Vexen: Controlling someone from the, that is rather intriguing.
GK: By using a person’s repressed darkness, it makes them that much easier to control. Their will grows weak, yet suppressing their inner darkness even further will only make it grow.
Vexen: So much that, perhaps, the self-aware nobody could take over.
GK: Bingo.
Vexen: Then tell me, what exactly do you plan on doing once you succeed?
GK: Because I actually like you, I’ll let you know: Rei is just an experiment. I have my eyes on several other candidates.

LiaC Timeline


VOLUME 1 - Prologue/KH:BBS arc
Disney Castle/Disney Town
Yen Sid's Tower
Enchanted Dominion
Devil's Bayou (The Rescuers)
Traverse Town
VOLUME 2 - 358/2 Days and KH:CoM Arc
Twilight Town
Corona (Rapunzel)
Castle Oblivion
Four Nations (Avatar the Last Airbender)
VOLUME 3 - KH2 arc - prologue
Twilight Town
Yen Sid's Tower
Four Nations (Avatar the Last Airbender)
VOLUME 4 - KH2 Arc
Four Nations (Avatar the Last Airbender)
Shibusen (Soul Eater)
Olympus Coliseum
VOLUME 5 - KH2 Arc
Gash Bell
Disney Castle
Inaba (Persona 4)
Hollow Bastion
VOLUME 6 - KH2 Arc
Hollow Bastion
Twilight Town
VOLUME 7 - KH2 Arc
Disney Castle
Gash Bell
Amestris (FMA:B)
VOLUME 8 - KH2 arc - Final battle
Twilight Town
World that Never Was
Destiny Islands
VOLUME 9 - KH:Recoded/3D arc
Disney Castle
Twilight Town
Disney Castle
Yen Sid's Tower
Mirage Arena
Yen Sid's Tower
Volume 10 - Rei's End
Gatekeeper's Domain

LiaC Script - KH2 - Olympus Coliseum

I really enjoyed writing this part. I put a good mix of Disney, BBS, and KH2 dialogue to help me out. HOPEFULLY HE'S IN CHARACTER?


Rei: [looking around] Where am I? Have I been here before?
Hades: Woah there. Is that you, kid?
Rei: [Turns around] Hades?!
Pain and Panic: Rei! [shakes her hands]
Pain: Long time no see!
Panic: How’ve you been?
Rei: Oh...hi. I’ve been good.
Hades: Hey you two, back off! [looks to Rei] Didn’t think I’d see you again since you ditched us.
Rei: ...Uhm..yeah…
Hades: What’s with all this tension? Is it really that awkward meeting an old friend? While you’re here, why don’t I show you around? I might also need you to do a little favor for me.
Rei: Friend? Favor?


Hades: Y’know we were all wondering where you scampered off to.
Rei: I’m not...on good terms with her.
Hades: Psh. That hag? Trust me, you’re not the only one.
Rei: That’s not a very nice way to talk about your boss…
Hades: Ah classic Rei. Kid, look at me. What do you see?
Rei: What do you want me to see?
Hades: Helloooo Hades! GOD of the Underworld? LORD of the dead? Who did she think she was ordering around?!
Rei: Well why’d you work for her in the first place?
Hades: When you pull the short end of the stick and get stuck with this literal hell hole for the rest of eternity, believe it or not you do get a little bored once in a while. Those high and mighty snobs up on Olympus always ask, “Hey Hades, how are things in the Underworld?” What do they think that there’s some symposium happening down here? Nah it’s just, you know, a little dark, a little gloomy. And, as always, hey, full of dead people. Dead people constantly screaming and crying as they’re going through eternal torture and what not. Who would enjoy that? But when you and Maleficent offered me a deal I was like, hey, that might actually be kinda fun. I get a few heartless here and there and bada-boom on my way to the top!
Rei: You’re still mad at your brother?
Hades: Honey, just because someone’s the “Father of Gods and Men” doesn’t make him a good person. Whenever he doesn’t get his way he throws some kind of tantrum and throws lightning bolts everywhere. And don’t even get me started on his love life. He thinks just because he got Mount Olympus that he’s better than everyone else. [sighs and calms down] But listen, I need you to do a job for me.
Rei: Sorry but...I can’t really hang around anyone associated with...her.
Hades: Man things must’ve really gone downhill for you if you can’t even say her name. But don’t worry kid, I got you. This job has no strings attached. No heartless, no darkness, no funny business, nada.
Rei: What exactly do you want me to do?
Hades: Fight in the games of course!
Rei: Games?
Hades: See I have this killer coliseum right here in the Underworld that makes the one upstairs look like an Olympic kiddie pool. I know you have a beef with that brat with the keyblade.
Rei: He’s here?
Hades: Yeah and he’s been causing me a lot of trouble. [mumbles] He messed up the other guy that was suppose to fight for me. [To Rei] Anyways, let’s cut to the chase. Here’s the deal I’m gonna offer you. You take out your anger issues on him and blow off some steam! I won’t even ask you to fight him to the death. I just want him to get rustled up a little bit. Huh? So what do ya think?
Rei: Fine...I’ll fight in your “games”, but if you try anything I'm dropping out.
Hades: That a girl! I knew I could count on you.


[Underdome battle blah blah blah Rei almost wins but then forfeits when her darkness overcomes her for a moment]


Hades: You were so close! So close, and you tripped at the finish line.
Rei: I felt...normal for once. You were helping me control my darkness, weren’t you?
Hades: what if I was?
Rei: I was able to fight Sora fair and square. Why would you do that?
Hades: Well...I felt I owed you something.
Rei: What? Why?
Hades: [sighs] See kid, I’m actually okay with you. It was a real bummer after you left. You were a lot more bearable than the other guys. But even people like me know that people like you shouldn’t get mixed up with the darkness. Usually people that grew up in the light get messed up by the darkness the most. They just can’t handle it. There was this kid that came after you that always acted cool and tough. Pretty independent for a kid, but he still let the darkness control him.
Rei: [to herself] He must be talking about Riku...
Hades: I’m going to drop a few truths on you, kid, some stuff I told a brat a long time ago. You know as much as I do that there needs to be a balance between both light and darkness. I can tell that you’re trying to put the kibosh on the darkness inside you. But the thing is darkness is inside….everyone. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. You play nice with it, and darkness will be your best friend. But if you go and get all self conscious and refuse to face it, the darkness will run over you like a debutante at a toga sale. And then where are you? Nowhere. Same with those people who can’t handle the darkness. They put themselves too close to it and they get overcome and consumed. That’s what happened to most of the crew after you left. Me? I can manage the darkness just fine. Now does everyone agree with the way I do things? Of course not. But, I believe that my path is the right one. Listen kid, what I’m trying to say is, don’t end up like the others. You need to find some balance or else that darkness will take you too.
Rei: Hades...I really appreciate everything you’ve done and all of your advice, really. But…even though I understand your motives, I just can’t stand by someone who manipulates others like you do.
Hades: So what, are we enemies now? Are you going to try fighting me?
Rei: I’m on no one’s side, and I’m not going to attack you. I’m not from this world, and what you do, whether I agree with it or not, is none of my business. Sora should know this, but he continues to upset the balance by interfering with other worlds’ affairs. If you’re meant to be defeated, you’ll be brought down, but it’s not my job to make sure that happens. [Begins to leave] Hades...don’t lose to the darkness.
Hades: Who do you think you’re talking to? I can handle myself.
Rei: [smiles]
Hades: Don’t go telling anyone what I did though. I don’t want people thinking the great Hades is giving out free favors. I’ve got a reputation to keep up you know.
Rei: Don’t worry, my mouth is sealed.
Hades: Good. Also, Rei...thanks for sticking around. You were always good at listening.
Rei: [surprised, but smiles] No problem.