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Fan Fic??

I just wanna know what u guys think u guys want a Request of the Heart Fan fic? since I can't draw as much and stuff cuz of school and athletics(we have like,4 vollyball games this month WTF @___@).

It probably won't be for a while but like when I have the time. :)
so what do u think? 8D

Jester of the Gate

Name: Jester of the Gate Age: Unknown Occupation: To endanger a heart so that it can go to the gate Description: The Jester is the younger twin br...

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Deadline change

Due to most of the entries to my contest haven't been submitted, I am changing the deadline to my contest.

My contest now ends on August 15!

Please get your entry in by then, because I am NOT going to change the deadline.

If you want to know more about my contest, please go to my HOLY SHIZZ CONTEST world. :P


Name: Keirx(Pronounced: k-EER-X)
Age: 14(KH:CoM)/15(KH2)(Physically)
Likes: Games, dolls, sweets, blood
Dislikes: Losing her games
Quote: "C'mon c'mon Oneichan!! Let me kill you!"
Formerly: Rei
Organization title: The Killing Innocence
Element: Shadows
Weapon: Her bones
Nobodies: Death Reapers
Story: Keirx first appeared in Castle Oblivion after Marluxia took Rei's heart. She could extend her bones into daggers or katanas. Keirx never really wanted to join the Oraganization, but she had no where else to go. When Rei's heartless turned back into her trueform, Keirx went to her imidietly to play tag. But not the regular game tag, this was her game of tag. She was always the oni, or "it". And whoever was it had to kill the others.

Takashi Takeda

Name: Takashi Takeda
Age: 16
Homeworld: unknown(Was found in the Forest Temple of Hyrule)
Favorite Food: Ramen
Hobbies: Following Rei's orders, training, travleing other worlds with Rei
Occupation: Rei's apprentice
Personality:Loyal, Kind, cautious
History: Rei saved Takashi from the poison of the Twilit Parasite Diababa of the Forest Temple she explored after her Gummi board crashed. With her increased sense of smell due to Airi's abilities in her soul, Rei realized that his scent wasn't the same as the one as this world. So she concluded that he wasn't from this world. She morphed her Gummi board into a Gummi ship and took Takashi to Disney Castle. King Mickey realized when he became concience that he was exactly like Rei when she first appeared in Disney Castle. Since Rei and Takashi had something in common, he ordered Rei to take him in as a apprentice and train him to be stronger so that he can be part of the Royal Knights like Goofy. Though Rei was strictly against it, she agreed because well, it was the King after all. Rei trained him hard day and night barely giving him a break. She planned him to be about the same level as her in a month even though it took her many years to get as strong as she could. Rei is easily pissed off by Takashi's pressence because of the task that the King gave her since she isn't able to go around freely and hang out with her friends in other worlds without bringing Takashi along.

LOL I suck at drawing guys. >_> i messed up on Takashi's face...