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Random Info?

was thinking and decided to provide some random info about my characters. 8DDDD

Riko Kojima:

  • Pretty much me in anime form. 8D
  • Though I wear contacts now, I'll keep her wearing glasses
  • Is 12 years old
  • she IS Rei Uruhara yet at the same time she isn't cuz her body is still on Earth while Rei's body is beyond the Gate. Does that make sense?

Rei Uruhara:

  • Story starts when she's 4 years old
  • her story sorta not really ends when she is about to turn 16
  • Brown eyes until her eyes get slit open by Keirx in KH:CoM, then they turn red.
  • Hair is down to her hips until the end of KH:CoM. The she cuts it to about shoulder length
  • Goes into a depression from ages 13 - part of 15
  • Meets Roxas before KH:CoM
  • Made a promise to Roxas before he disappeared that she wouldn't go into another depression but will act like her true self(the way she acted in the fake twilight town)
  • Cusses a lot(lol)
  • Speaks Englinese(English+Japanese) for an example, if it was an anime in Japan, within her Japanese, she would throw in some english words sometimes. Usually maybe to use it as slang or something. Same thing as if it was a dub. She would throw some Japanese words in her English dialouge for maybe greetings or insults like "BAKA!" 8D
  • Was part of the ANBU Roots during her depression as a stealth ninja to gather information
  • She's a tomboy that hates dresses, skirts, pink, and other girly things
  • She's not all crazy about her hair, so sometimes it gets messy.(hence why I usually draw different hairstyles on her. xD)
  • When insanity or Keirx takes over her, her iris goes yellow and cornea turns black.
  • Can talk to animals
  • Has multiple personalities.
  • Can play the violin and is good at soccer
  • Masters in Wind,fire,lighting,and water chackra types
  • Took the place of Masato Fujiwara on Kumiko Hatori's team
  • Did not want her teammates souls to be fused with hers because she believed it meant they would be trapped forever


  • (decided this just a few minutes ago LOL forgot the wolves share the same name and plus they look alike!) is the reincarnation of the Wolf God Moro from Princess mononoke.
  • Is Rei's pet later turned into a ninja dog
  • broke Rei's hand twice
  • Is the wisest and gives advice to Rei
  • is left behind when Rei(12 years old) leaves Disney Castle

Takashi Takeda

  • The most boring of all of my characters
  • Beats people with a staff/pole/stick/long thing
  • Is 16 years old
  • very clueless and gulible
  • is trained by Rei so that he can join the Royal Knights of Disney Castle


  • Completely insane phyco killer in battle
  • when not in battle, she's a spoiled brat that loves candy
  • fights with her bones(not a good idea to close combat with her. if u punch her and leave ur fist there, she can extend her bones and split ur arm in half. 0___< don't get bit by her either cuz she can extend her teeth into fangs and bite ur arm off. If she tries kicking u, she can extend her bones through her shoes and create really scary bone cleets. 0___e)
  • Loves the taste of blood
  • Loves killing yet she hasn't killed anyone before. xDDDDDD


  • Rei's Heartless
  • is about 8 inches tall
  • Looks like a shadow heartless only smaller with stubby legs and arms
  • clumsy when scared and trips alot
  • when attacked, it seperates itself into anti forms of Rei Uruhara, Kumiko Hatori, Kaito Yoshikuni, and Airi Yamashita.

Airi Yamashita

  • Had a crush on Masato Fujiwara
  • Can talk to animals
  • created a special jutsu where chakra can be focused a certain way to speed up bone growth. this can cause bones similar to a bird's wing to tear through her back and allow her to fly.
  • Has a pet panda named Chikurin that helps her fight
  • masters in healing jutsu more than jutsu for combat
  • Masters in Wind chakra and water chakra
  • Teammate of Rei Uruhara
  • Died at age 13 and her soul was fused with Rei's giving Rei all of her jutsu as well as element mastering.

Kaito Yoshikuni

  • Had a crush on Airi Yamashita though he didn't admit it to anyone including himself.
  • is a troublemaker
  • though he doesn't over do it, he likes flirting with girls
  • Best friend was Masato Fujiwara
  • teammate of Rei Uruhara
  • masters in Wind and lightning chakra
  • Specilizes in jutsus of lightning property
  • Died at age 14 and his soul was fused with Rei's giving Rei all of his jutsu as well as element mastering.

Masato Fujiwara

  • was left behind to fight rouge ninjas as he made his summon wolf Kuroda take Airi Yamashita, Kaito Yoshikuni, and Kumiko Hatori to safety
  • is believed to be dead
  • masters in wind and earth chakra
  • teammate of Kaito Yoshikuni and Airi Yamashita

Kumiko Hatori

  • Sensei of Kaito, Airi, Masato, and Rei(after Masato died)
  • Master of wind and fire chakra
  • Parents were killed by the Akatsuki
  • Died at age 32 and her soul was fused with Rei's giving Rei all of her jutsu as well as element mastering.

Gate Keeper Jester

  • Can call people from the other side of the gate to Earth
  • Kills the original bodies of those who die on the other side of the Gate
  • brother of the Gate Keeper Clown from MAR(the jester is my creation but is the brother of something that's not)
  • Can appear as a human while on Earth
  • u can click here to see more crap about him. >D

hmmmmmm I think that's about it!
now u know more about my characters, good for u. :DDDD
for those who don't know, Kumiko Hatori, Masato Fujiwara, Kaito Yoshikuni, and Airi Yamashita are my Naruto OCs. Remember, Rei is all of my OCs. :P
Man, it's been so long since i've talked much about Naruto. I've fallen so behind in the manga. @______@

Well, I hope you enjoy this information~! ;D


:D so yus, I shall make one when I cannnn lol
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I can't do it right naooo
waiting for pudding-chan to reply to see if we can play Super smash bros brawlll ;DDDDD
but uh yea I'll try to write up a fan fic like, when I don't have homework. C:
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sorry I just wasted precious time of some of ur lives. C:

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Fan Fic??

I just wanna know what u guys think u guys want a Request of the Heart Fan fic? since I can't draw as much and stuff cuz of school and athletics(we have like,4 vollyball games this month WTF @___@).

It probably won't be for a while but like when I have the time. :)
so what do u think? 8D

Jester of the Gate

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