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Dress Concept!

Thank you for everyone that commented on my last post! A lot of you guys had wonderful ideas :) I really appreciate it~

Anyways, I sketched out a few dress ideas. The last 3ish were designs inspired by toddler pictures of me I looked at. XD

What do you think? Anything else you think I should do?
I think I'm sticking with the hair being down. I'm also thinking about making her wear stockings with whatever dress I decide on. I'm also thinking of the shoes being simple and looking a little like this.

I'm also thinking about sticking with a light pastel blue for the color scheme. It's nice and innocent. :D
Also thinking about keeping it simple. I don't want it to be TOO fancy. She's not exactly royalty. Sophisticated at least.

I like the poncho but that seems more wintery. still nice though.

Hmmm looking at toddler dresses online. idk, what do you think of these?
Blap(My favorite xDDD)

HUMMMM I'm just rambling and putting out my thoughts. xDDD If you have any suggestions or questions to help clarify what I'm looking for, go ahead and comment! :D I'll try to reply this time;;;

Hmmm also could you guys pick out 2 favorites? You see her two different days so I'm thinking about her just having two different outfits(it always baffles me how KH characters wear the same thing EVERYDAY.

I think I'll take care of all of the designing and drawing pages with chapters 1-5 before I start scripting again since the next chapter will take place when she's 12. It's probably best to focus on one thing at a time.
I've been thinking of a timeline and I think I've decided how I'm going to set it up. Here's what ages you'll see her at and the major events that happen.

Age 4 - Meets Ven and Aqua; Main plot kinda revealed; Yen Sid
Age 12 - Finds Mickey's wayfinder; transported to other worlds; Traverse Town and Digimon
Age 13 - Training in Naruto world(I'm thinking that it won't taking place during anything major. Naruto would have already left for training with...white haired guy...Jirayyyyaa? I've forgotten everything about Naruto. XDDDD)
Late age 13 - Early age 14 - BIG SECRET<3
Age 14 - Meets Roxas and then goes to Castle Oblivion
Age 15 - Pretty much KH2 with my own special twist :D
Age 16 and beyonddd! - Dunno yet.

Hopefully the first few chapters won't be too long, because the real fun starts when she's 14ish(ROXAS<3<3<3<3)
It might not make sense at the moment but have the basic story all planned out. The only parts with real detail are chapters 1-5 and the shananigans with Roxas(Just because I like to daydream about him lol.)

ALSO I'm thinking about adding bonus chapters at the end of each volume with memories of Rei and Roxas(Rei was in charge of making up memories for Roxas in the virtual Twilight Town) just for fun. Would you guys like that? xD

Not going to reread it to see if it makes sense
Thank you for reading~~~ :DD iluguys<3


I put them as links instead so hopefully it'll work this time xD;

So I am finally finished with chapter 1-5! and they set a good foundation for the rest of the story :) Today I started sketching out concept designs for Rei(she's 4 years old during these chapters)

I kinda need help though, it's hard to make a manga all on your own @____@
This is what I have so far:

Hairstyle concept

Clothes concept

Final ideas

At this time, Rei is very adventurous and curious. She always ends up in danger because she's trying to helps someone or whatnot. I had a friend over and she suggested shorts and an oversized shirt, or maybe overalls. Though this does match her personality at the time, I took in the fact that she grew up in Disney Castle. I also took in what things I wore when I was that age. My mom would always put me and puffy dresses and I had long hair down to my hips.

I don't know...what do you think? If you like the basic design, what do you think I could add? or is there anything you don't like about the design?

Thank you for reading! Final drawings will come depending on what responses I get on this. :)
Once I get little Rei's design figured out, I'll start showing concept of other characters(it'll mostly be practice drawings though. xD) There's only one other character I need to set a design for since he wasn't in Kingdom Hearts. Haha but I won't tell you who it is yet ;D

Take care everyone!

Chapter 3!

Okay, first off I would like to thank everyone who linked me to some tutorials! You won't believe how helpful it was! I was also able to find some really good tutorials online on my own. Once I collect a good number of tutorials, I'll share my collection with everyone in hopes that it'll come in handy with someone else~ If you run into any more tutorials, please inform me! ;D

Anyways, I have a question for you all. I finished Chapter 3 a while back, but I realized some problems with it after rereading it. First off, it's short and kinda of choppy. It seems to go by really quick but at the same time I'm worried that it slows down the story. Plus, a lot of the dialogue is pretty much the same as it is in the game, just because I didn't know how to put it. It's insignificant in some ways, but it's important too because it shows how Pete got banished(I changed it from BBS. Some troublemaking doesn't seem serious enough to get banished to me. o.o) and Ven leaving Disney Town.

Bahhhh I don't know. Do you guys just want me to post it and tell me what's wrong? I'm not the best at script writing. It plays better in my head rather than trying to put it in words. The script is mostly a reminder.


Tutorial Help!

Hello everyone! I hope you all are doing well~
At the moment, I'm almost done scripting Chapter 2~(Took a while; I know. @__@ But that's because I was stupid and lost my first notebook, so I had to go back and rewrite chapter one. It was a lot harder remembering everything I put that I thought it would be)

I'm REALLY excited to draw it, but I want to make sure I can draw everything I want so I don't have the urge to redo it in the future xD That's been a problem in the past.

So I was wondering if any of you guys knew any good tutorials or guides :D Some things I really need improvement on are:

~ Setting up Manga panels
~ Japanese sound effects(I just think it'll look cooler and more legit if I put Japanese rather than "BOOM" or something. XD you know what I mean?)
~ Manga Toning(Along with that, any manga tone patters/brushes/etc. My manga studio doesn't work on Macs so I can't use it. ;A;)
~ HOW TO DRAW DISNEY CHARACTERS(I REALLY need this for the first part of my manga xD)
~ How to draw buildings(or any kind of background. I need most help on buildings though)
~ Guide to different expressions/angles
~ Advice on what covers of Volumes/chapters should consist of

And that's all I can think of right now xD
My goal is to make it look like a legit manga. That's always been my goal, but my knowledge on when it's appropriate to use certain patterns/textures/speech bubbles/SFX isn't very good;;

I saw a really good book in Hastings. I think it was the second part of the...Comickers? xD I'm not very sure. But it has an AMAZING collection of manga art and interviews with actual manga artists and some of their techniques. Sadly, my mom wouldn't let me get it because it was $24 /sob

I'll be doing some research, but if you know any good tutorials(even if it's not over the things I think I need work on) please drop me a note. :D I would greatly appreciate it~

BTW! Heads up, Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep is spoiled really early in my manga. So if you don't want spoilers, or you want to understand exactly what's going on, I would suggest playing the game, or watch the cutscenes at least. XD

There probably won't be that many people reading this. XD; I think people stopped paying attention to me since I've been so inactive lately, but that's all right. Hopefully my comeback will be a TON of pages added to my manga. :)

I love you guys<3 Take care!

Chapter 1 Script!

Sorry guys! It's been forever since I last updated this;;;;
But I want to assure you that I'm working hard on my manga since I recently finished Birth by Sleep and it punched me in the face with some inspiration.

Though, I finished planning out Chapter 1 today, I wouldn't be planning on any pages coming soon. Well not super soon. They might come soon? I make no sense xD

But! I plan on writing out my manga until about chapter 5 before I focus on actually drawing the pages.

I've also been thinking about making Rei's story about 75% KH related. Sure she goes to the worlds of other anime and manga, but her story will more be weaved in with KH. If I were to put her into too many anime worlds, it would mess up the time block, the manga would end up dragging and being too long, and the main focus would just be completely lost. It would completely ignore the "don't interfere in other worldly affairs" rule and stuff.

Two worlds I'm POSITIVE she's going to go to are Digimon and Naruto worlds.

I'll tell you now that Digimon is pretty important in the story. it teachers her about friendship and how to protect the people important to her.

Chapter 5 I'm thinking is probably around the part before she goes there. after that it'll take me longer to plan because I need to rewatch the first 4 seasons and see how I'm going to do what I want to do with her story(I refuse to watch the 5th season. XDD).

Naruto is important to teach her self defense, but other than that, I don't think I'll have her go back there. So her time there will be fairly short. I originally wanted her to be pretty involved with the naruto world, but again, that would ignore the rule and the time block would be completely messed up.

OH OH and after playing birth by sleep, I thought of a REALLY good idea, ughhh I want to tell you all but I don't want to spoil it. xD hopefully I'll be fast with my planning and you guys won't have to wait long~

So that's where I am right now. I'm working hard and trying to think of all the detail and the flow and everything.

So what do you think? Are there any worlds you really want Rei to visit?

I'm sorry that I haven't been as dedicated to this manga as much as I promised I would be the past few years.(that's right. I tried starting this back when I was in 6th grade. xD;)

I'm really determined now! And I will try my best!