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New Title

As you can see by the title of this world, I've changed the title of my manga XD

Mostly because things like "Request of the Heart" or "Forgotten Dreams" just sounds too cliche

So I went onto the idiom list on Wikipedia to find a new title. What I found was "Living in a Cloud" which means having unrealistic or foolish beliefs or plans.

Andddd if I'm thinking of a new title, that means manga pages are coming soon~ Really they are. I have like, 6 pages done? only about 4 of them are real pages though. XD;

Tell me what you think~<3

Heart Blade Info

Some info about Rei's weapons that I recently brainstormed about
btw, completely lame name. I'm open for suggestions for changing the name "Heart Blade"~~~

Heart Blades:
Fantasia- Ability: Takes away the darkness in someone's heart (purifies)
Nightmare- Ability: Takes away the light in someone's heart (corrupts)
+ Unlike the Keyblade, they can't capture hearts
+ A person that is corrupted by Nightmare will turn into a heartless
+ A person that is completely purified will eventually be lost in their own happiness (so absorbed in the light that they will eventually lose their consciousness)
+ The user must be EXTREMELY accurate during attacks. For an example: if you need to attack a human, Fantasia and Nightmare need to get EQUAL amounts of hits, or else that person's heart will become unbalanced and could be deadly to the person's sanity
+ A person being corrupted by Nightmare will start hallucinating. Their mind will be eaten up by insanity
+ You CAN have too much of a good thing. Too much light will cause a person to be put into some kind of daze. Their mind will go into some kind of "dream state"; another form of insanity rotting a person's mind
+ Only appears when a large source/amount of darkness or light is approaching (and no...I don't mean night and day.)
+ Cannot be summoned at will

so yea
extremely hard weapons to master
Hit a person with the wrong amount of hits and you can really mess them up
that's why Rei mostly uses martial arts. Even though she doesn't have any strength and stanima, she has excellent technique and speed.

Plus there's gonna be this big fight between Keirx and Rei. And Keirx gets Nightmare and Rei gets Fantasia. It's a fight to see who goes insane first. :O

Really hard to think of a good reason to prove that having too much light can be badddd. What I was thinking is that the person will SEE THE LIGHT and be so absorbed in happiness that they can become brain dead or something. Maybe like your high on light...??? idk XDDD

yupyup. Hope you guys have a better idea about them now~
REMEMBER OPEN FOR SUGGESTIONS FOR CHANGING "HEART BLADE"~~~ Something that relates to the heart at least. idc if it's in another language or something, as long as it sounds cool~

ilu guys~ :3

Updated Character profiles

okay so I need to update some of my characters' profiles cuz I changed some things, most of the changes on Rei. xD please note that the Rei profile is when she's 15. There's multiple profiles for her since she's in a lot of stories. anyway, let's-a go!

Name: Rei Uruhara(please do not mix up from Kisuke Urahara from BLEACH)
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Birthdate: February 27
Hair color: Black
Eye Color: Red (was brown before she was 15)
Height: 164 cm (5'4")
Weight: 115 pounds
Nationality: Unknown
Homeworld: Unknown(she mysteriously appeared in Disney Castle)
Weapons: Fantasia and Nightmare blades(they're not keyblades anymore. Their blades similar to the keyblades, but they only appear when a large amount of darkness is present), Taijutsu
Abilities: Can turn invisible for a short period of time, and used to be able to fly and talk to animals, but lost the ability(I would say more but it would spoil something. >3)
Personality: angsty Tomboy. She can be calm and kind, but she can also be short tempered and reckless. When things go wrong she usually accuses herself. she's very protective
Likes: Friends, a good fun fight, ramen, pocky, sea-salt ice cream, training, Gummi ships, exploring, learning
Dislikes: people that hurt her friends, fights with the intent of killing, blood, killing, annoying useless people(LOLTAKASHI), not being able to protect the people
Rei appeared in the Disney Castle at the age 4 mysteriously. King Mickey took her in. after a while, Rei had to leave the castle since King Mickey's old rival was coming for a "visit". She was sent to stay with Ansem the Wise. She became good friends with Xehanort,Braig,Dilan,Even,Elaeus, and Ienzo, but when they disappeared, Ansem rushed her over to Yen Sid's Castle before the heartless took over Radiant Garden. Soon she was back at Disney Castle. She found a door in her room that had secret hallways that led to everywhere in the castle. While exploring these hallways, she found an old abandoned Gummi Hanger. She wanted to find her old friends, so she decided to build her own Gummi Ship and leave the castle. During the time of 8 years, Rei studied gummi ships with Chip and Dale and secretly built her own Gummi Ship. When she turned 12, she boarded the gummi ship and left the castle to explore the different worlds.


Changes in her story:
- no longer a princess
- no keyblades
- they're hallways now and not vents

xD well there you have it! Rei's Bio.
now let's move onto Keirx


Name: Keirx(pronounced k-EER-ex)
Age: 14(KH:CoM)/15(KH2)(physically)
Hair: Cool Gray/Silver
Eye: yellow
Race: Nobody
Ability: Bones
Weapon: her bones
Title: The Killing Innocence
Nobodies: Death Reapers
Formally: Rei
Personality: Very child-like, but when in a fight, she goes insane.
Likes: Games, Dolls, blood
Dislikes: Losing her games
Story: Keirx first appeared in Castle Oblivion after Marluxia took Rei's heart. She could extend her bones into daggers or katanas. Keirx never really wanted to join the Oraganization, but she had no where else to go. When Rei's heartless turned back into her trueform, Keirx went to her imidietly to play tag. But not the regular game tag, this was her game of tag. She was always the oni, or "it". And whoever was it had to kill the others.


- not that much of a change from the last time I updated her bio, I just made her really insane

yeaaa I think that's about it. ^^

I really want to update RH, but first I need to make some pages. xD I'll try to work on it this weekend~

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