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Living in a Cloud Animation

Here's an animation I did for a project ;D


Quick sketch of a scene I came up with, but I can't develop it further because I'm busy making actual pages~!

In other news, Stone Cold by Demi Lovato is beautiful

Relocating LiaC

I know a short while ago somewhere I mentioned keeping Living in a Cloud on theO, but I’m now considering on switching websites since there is so much stuff on my theO portfolio. I like the idea of having all the LiaC official stuff in its own place.

If I do move it, Volume 1 will remain here and then continued on another website. After some basic searching, ComicFury seems like a good choice. You can have your own URL and you can make a customized page. Taptastic looks more modern, but for some reason I think it works better for standalone comics/comic strips rather than a series (but then again I know very little about it. I'm sure it's been done but it doesn't seem the same). What do you guys think?

Sample Shower Script

Thought of this in the shower and typed it on my iPad. I'm a little behind schedule on pages but hopefully I'll catch up ;)

Rei: ...roxas…
Rei:...thank you for taking care of me…
Roxas: i’m the person who hurt you in the first place
Rei: Roxas, it was an accident. I know you. You don’t just go around beating people up. could you know who i am… I don’t… Even know who i am anymore...all i do is mess everything up. First the beach, then this? What’s wrong with me? I don’t know what’s going on. Every day feels like a dream. I feel like i’m going crazy, and i can’t stand it anymore. I'm so scared. What’s wrong with me? Who am i?
Rei: (hugs) i want you to listen to me are roxas. You are kind. You are courageous. You always take time to help others, and you don’t like leaving people out. You love the color red because it’s the color of the sunset. You’re really bad at talking about yourself, because you’d rather learn more about other people. You like hearing stories. You like sleeping in. You dislike having extra time, because you never know what to do with it. You love ice cream, but you can only eat one a day and don’t like eating it by yourself…you are roxas…you deserve to be happy. You deserve to be your own person.


judge me I dare you

haven't actually drawn a RokuRei kiss before AND HAVEN'T YET AEUAUEAAEUA
there is context for this I swear but I'm just not sure if I want LiaC to get THAT shippy (not that it matters right now it's WAY IN THE FUTURE)

at the same time this makes me reALLY HAPPY