Hey guys its me!! Long time no post oTL

I wanted to apologize for my disappearance. I had some stuff happen a long time ago...Like....Late 2014 early 2015. I hadnt been around much really and still havent been. A lot of bad memories kinda happened here on theO for me, and so i kinda left for that reason.

BUT i wanted to let you guys know i relocated to Tumblr and Deviant art. So if you wanna follow me there i'd really appreciate it. A lot has happened up to now, and i miss Soooooooooo many of you ; - ;

So pls pls pls, Follow me on Tumblr and/or Deviant art if you wanna see my art.
My main tumblr
My Deviantart
Send me a note/Mail if you follow me on either so we can get back together. I miss all of you, and if i can find you or you find me i'd make me so happy!

Me and Clueless101 are also writing a story together, so if you could, follow us there!
Our story

I also have an Instagram and Twitter if you wanna follow me there too. I dont use either much, but i'd love to be connected with everyone again.
My Twitter
Personal Instagram, ill give a link to an art instagram later

I hope to see you guys around!