I needs y'alls opinions!!

So Im thinking about doing commissions, and when I say that I mean commissions for like headshots (cuz Im really good at that).

But my issue is going to be Pricing things D:
I dont wanna be cheap but I dont wanna be like 'omg thats too expensive for a HEADSHOT/BUST!'
So I'd love what you guys would have to offer on prices ;w;

Heres what I have to offer:
Sketch + Lineart or just Lineart -
Base colors(pending example) -
With Lines and basic shades/highlights-
Color splash w/ or w/o lines -
Lineless -
Lineless with detail-
Lineless w/ extra and light source -
Lineless with detailed light effects-

and i was thinking, I might charge extra depending on what kind of effects are needed and what kinda BG you'd want? Cuz a base color or white BG would be no charge.
I'd love if you guys could help me out! I kinda wanna see if people would actually buy my kind of style and if I could make money doing art :3