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So I'm about to finish my learning support english class!!!! AAAAAAAAAH


@n@.....I'm not ready for thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis....

Watermark stamp thingy?

So guys!! I have a mission for ya'll!!

I wanna make like a watermark stamp for my drawing and stuff so you dont see me boring signature of my username. So Im gonna ask you guys to throw ideas at me!!

If you had to design a stamp for my username, what would it be?
I dunno if Im gonna do this or not, but if you idea is the one I like the most, I will make you something as a thanks :3

xNU Update!

TIME TO INFORM Y'ALL ON MY LIFE~! Not many any care oTL

First off!! College is going well O v O
I REALLY enjoy going to my art class(its really 2 but im with one teacher for 3 hours so yeah) >w<! I like my english class too and I hate my math class oTL. Not that its bad or anything its just....I hate math....with a passion. I also dont have to buy any books for my classes either!! Just a shit tone of art supplies OTL

Second!! I got to meet up with the son of one of my mom's friend :3
He was sweet and Im glad I got the chance to meet him! He gave me a huge and OMG IS HE TALL!! Like he huged me and I only met up to his stomach!! Tallest ginger I will ever meet @n@'. But I like him and I hope we become friends OvO!! Lol look at me being social XD

THIRD AND MOST EMBARRASING! I finished two short animes today on netflix XD
I watched Noragami and Princess Jellyfish. Both were good UwU-b! But I perfer Noragami better cuz thats more of the animes Im into O u O

Fourth! I got some salt scrub!!
I was at the fair the other day and were were at a stand that was selling salt scurbs. When I got up to the table the dude asked me about my skin(i have Psoriasis, but its Dermatitis) and he was telling us how it was made to help people with skin issues like me. So we bought some and I've been using it everyday :3! I dont know when it will kick it but it smells good and makes my skin soft OwO

Now I must go look for a bag online that I could possibly shove all of my art supplies in!! NYOOM

Im in college!

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Time to tell y'all a story!!

So like I said, I had my wisdom teeth removed yesterday, and it FUCKING SUCKS!!
Well today, Im slightly better. I still hurt and Im still a bit swollen...I look like a fucked up chipmunk cuz my face is real narrow and then, so when I swell you can tell.

My surgery went well, no issues, minus my arm...I think something happened with the IV or the band-aid...
well when I was done and had to be woken up, I wouldnt wake up (Cuz I like too sleep and I was under anesthesia). So the nurse lady kept telling me "baby you gotta keep your eyes open for me.", eventually they got me up but I was still like 95% still asleep lol. After about 5 minutes I got in the car and was heading home, I was suppose to get a milkshake but I told my mom "I dun wanna a fucking milkshake, I wanan go home." and I did.

So after I took my meds I went to sleep on the couch with ice packs on my cheeks! I slept for about 4 hours maybe, and guess how I woke up......MY DOG BARKED DIRECTLY AT ME! The sofa is his favorite spot, and since I was on it I think it made him a little mad at me, so he barked real loud and woke me up. Scared the piss out of me!!

Hopefully I get better soon and can start to eat better foods ;w;