im back!

hi everyone!!! oh how ive missed the O! school has been terrible with papers and tests and such! ive missed everyone and sorry i havent seen many important updates! how is everyone anyway? wow im just so happy! i really hope to talk to you all very soon! i really dont have time now either but lately: ive restrained my hip flexor and now need an mri, been asked to stand up in a friends dance thing, had my cousin get married on us! (had no idea til she'd already done it), gotten closer to some friends (farther from others), and now track prac has officially started and i cant even run!!!!!!!!!!!! pray for me you guys, as i will for all of you! i luv you all and please keep safe! xoxo♥♪♥♪

random write again â¥

well i hav to write a lot of research papers lately so that kinda sux. but heres a fun interesting thing going on... okay ya c this guy, my friend, who used to be more than a friend, u get the point. well he made me mad recently and i am unsure what to make of my situation. he txted me and asked if i wanted to do something. he's been ignoring me kinda lately. i asked well, why, ya kno cuz i mean i didnt think he wanted to talk to me any more. he just played it off, but then he keeps talking about other girls he's hangin out with and how they go out and do whatever. i am confused cuz really i dont care wut u do with other girls. its not like we're together or anything.. well anyway, lets see.. wut else is going on. yes well i will be posting character outlines for my friends and my comic! super cereally excited! (yes. i said cereal. lol) i hope ur all doing fine. again thanx to all my subscribers and i hope you are all doing well! luv and hugzz. hav a super fantastical day!!!!!! ☺☻♥ reini out!

battle over???

hello all! well today was a horrible day for me at the end. i've been wanting to play indoor soccer since cross ended, and there's been a lot of drama surrounding it. this girl (this is the one if you remember i mentioned in prior posts - the one who never worked on the comic) used to be my good friend, but now for some reason she hates me. i mean we grew apart and i was fine with it cuz she would say things like shes better than me or shes perfect. it got annoying and to top it off shes a control freak. i didnt listen to her and i did my own thing and she didnt like that. i thought distance would be good but now shes telling lies about what i say! i told her if i could hav the emails of the girls who usually run the indoor league... she never sent them. she never told me she was in charge too. she is telling people i didnt tell her i wanted to play which makes me soooooo mad! point is she came up to me today and told me i couldnt play and that i never stated i wanted to so she didnt kno. well duh, we wouldnt be having the conversation if she didnt kno. omg i cries because i dont hate her but she hates me and shes turning some of my friends against me. its terrible. im just gonna focus on track and ill be happy. i hope ur all doing well. take care and have an amazing day! ☺☻♥☺☻♥

My Birthday!

well hello everyone! i've been busy lately but i still want u all to i kno i appreciate you and am glad to kno some of you today happens to be my birthday and i am really excited! my friends got me some prismacolors and these really great erasers which i luv because i draw so much! also i received the cutest earrings and a huge chocolate chip muffin! we also had a track and field meeting today so i m excited about that too! oh yeah (wow there's a lot to tell), we had a our cross country banquet the other day and well, although i didnt run a single race, i still lettered! i received the most contributions award because of the behind the scenes work i did like taking times and stuff like that. i was really happy! that makes 3 things on my letterman. Academics, track, and cross. i'm soooo happy! well thats all for now. i hope you all had great holidays and everyone, plz keep safe! and i also am watching vampire knight... ep 12 and im lovin every minute of it! watch it on if you like. its great and i soooo recommend it hav a great day and i luv u all!♥♥♥

tag response to foxfireburn!

1. I told you I was dying?- i would cry and draw u a picture that says ill remember u always!!

2. I developed an eating disorder?- i would tell u to eat cake and then describe my favorite deserts to u!

3. You found me bleeding on the ground?- well i've never seen u before but if i had and i saw u then id call 911 asap and try to stop the bleeding some how

4. I got mugged?- i hunt that person down and say... hey, you, you, you, uh, well im not sure yet.

5. I disappeared?- id be sad and then what would happen with the comic ur working on! lol

6. I killed myself?- i would sadly try to attend ur funeral service as much as that pains me to say.

7. I told you that you were my best friend?- awwwww. id say "reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?"

8. I called you and said I was lost?- um i would definitly call somebody other than myself for that cuz im horrible w/ directions. lol but really om not sure

9. I started using drugs/smoking/drinking?- id find a rehab place for u and pm u til you went

10. You found out I lied to you.- id be sad but it all depends on how bad the lie is

11. You found out I was lied to you for your own good?- id be okay if its for my own good

12. You found out I was inflicting self-pain?- i dont kno but id think of a way to make u not do that of course!

13. I got depressed?- i make you happy pictures and get u some happy pills ( jk on that last part)

14. I confessed my deepest secret to you?- ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh woweeee! id keep it for sureeeeeee

15. You found out I was keeping something from you?- um well, idk for now

16. I told you I wasn't allowed to talk to you anymore?- id be really sad cuz ur cool to talk to!

17. I died in some horrible accident?- id be super sad and id tell everyone i know to remember u as a super amazing person!

18. I was kidnapped and held for ransom?- well im sorta broke but id figure something out cuz im good like that

19. If you saw someone holding a gun to my head?- freeze, uh, then go crazy and make a disrtaction while running in a zig zag pattern

20. You found me crying on my bed?- id say its okay and then give a big hug! they make me feel better, so yeah

well there u have it! thanx again for tagging me!