A long, long time ago...

I first want to say that this will be a long entry ... Excuse my English if I fail at something... I'm a full of fails XDD

I'm aware that I have periods of activity on this page to suddenly fall in seasons least mine appearances here. I'm not the only one, I see that many people who previously inhabited this beautiful page and now are disappeared. (Without going any further, I'm in 3 challs they should have done last year and there are no winners yet...)

I've been on this page since 2006, I really looooove this site, and among the reasons for my disappearance I have broken and formatted computers, my biggest problem when it comes to come back here, is my health, but I really, really love this site.
And for this love, I'm so sad to see a lot of people missing... (Hey, Missy, hey, hey, hey Missy, hey. Ok, no Doctor Who reference* XDDD) I know, better than a lot of another people, that in our hard life not always have time for this sites, but if I can... I always want to have this place to return.

Awww..... Luna is so sentimental now... XDD Yeah, maybe XDD But I miss a lot of people here, a lot of desings everyday, a lot of challs always... I miss a lot of things here, and I'm so happy to see some people... just a few people that remains here, like always, making this place a nice site to return.

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Ja ne!