Hello people!

This is the introduccion to my little world. Ahm well... It's sure that you are very boring if you walk hereabouts.

Name: Luna
Age: 29 (5/April/1989 - Aries)
Gender: Female
Live in: Galicia (Spain)
Fav Colors: Red, Black & Purple
Likes: Anime, Manga, Yaoi, Music, Movies, Read, Write, Draw and Graphic Design, Video Games and Sports (Basket), Daydreaming.
Dislikes: Spiders, Lies.

Wellcome to my little world, if there is something more that you want to be able send me only a mp and thank you very much for visiting my little world and for seeing my designs.

You can see me in:

See ya!

I'm back!! (Again)

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OH YES!!!!!!!!!! I'm really happy!!!!!
It has been a lot of time that I was sick, between hospitals, doctors, tests... Even I'm not recovered to 100% but I go for good way. My gallery returns to stay opened, I'll return to submit more things from now, though I'll begin little by little.
For the present time I submit a wallpaper promised of the Final Fantasy XIII (XIII-2) a SnowxSerah (I REALLY LOVE this pair.) Based on the header of this topic ^^
Be happy sweet people!!

Ja ne!!