Hello people!

This is the introduccion to my little world. Ahm well... It's sure that you are very boring if you walk hereabouts.

Name: Luna
Age: 29 (5/April/1989 - Aries)
Gender: Female
Live in: Galicia (Spain)
Fav Colors: Red, Black & Purple
Likes: Anime, Manga, Yaoi, Music, Movies, Read, Write, Draw and Graphic Design, Video Games and Sports (Basket), Daydreaming.
Dislikes: Spiders, Lies.

Wellcome to my little world, if there is something more that you want to be able send me only a mp and thank you very much for visiting my little world and for seeing my designs.

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See ya!

OMG!!!! 200 Wallpapers

OMG I submited 200 wallpapers in theOtaku O.o
I can´t believe it

External Image

If done the sight behind and you see the first wallpapers that I published, the truth is that an ENORMOUS change is obvious.
I want to think that the change has been for better.

I don't make only wallpapers because of it, come to the 200 was something unthinkable

Since don't be those who are the persons who put my walls among his favorites, only be grateful for all those that do it. It makes me very happy that you like my wallpapers

Ja ne!
♫ Luna

August brings good news

Yeeeeeees D.Gray-man returns!!

External Image

Well ... more or less xP. Since in August there will go out the special one of 50 pages in the Akamaru Jump.

And I, here in Spain, I'm for being going to buy the next week the volume 17. We're near reaching Japan and I'm it afraid, since if the manga doesn't continue to good pace from August, it's possible that they delay the exit of more volumes.

¡¡¡¡I need D.Gray-man!!!!

Here I leave the link you to the news of DGM's return for the one that wants to read it. ---> DGM NOTICES <---

Be happy my sweet candies =3
Ja ne!
♫ Luna

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood


External Image

Already I have seen the first chapter of FMA's new season, and only I can say that this OMG *O* brilliant.

Already I cannot wait for the following xDDD.
Yui's opening is fabulous I love her voice, and the images are incredible *O*.
The ending this one very well, I adore the images hahaha very chibis and funny =3.

Even there has not gone out the new chapter of the manga. Also I want to read it ALREADY xDD.

Be happy my sweet candies =3
Ja ne!
♫ Luna

Awesome manga/anime

External Image

Well ahem...
It does a couple of days I did a great discovery xDDD Started reading the manga D.Gray-man of which already I go for the volume 8 and WoW.
Also I started seeing anime and also it is brilliant.

Since you have seen (and if not already you are late in it see ¬¬) by the last walls that I did they are of the above mentioned serie and this has given me loudly so surely it continues xDD.

For what if you say to me who is your favorite character of D.Gray-man I will do to you a wall-gift of this chara.

See ya!!
~ Luna Inverse

Merry Christmas

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I hope that you have a really nice day and love and peace for all.
Care in spite of taking very much champagne and to getting conceited with dry floury sweets and marzipan (the one who likes it).

That all you are very happy and that you ask for health and very much love to this year that is going to come.


See ya!!
~ Luna Inverse