As most of you know, I keep changing the default skin.


Because before now, I hadn't decided on a final default skin. I won't change it anymore. Promise.

Oh. That's okay then. 8D You are awesome and thus forgiven!

Thank you, ominous voice in the sky that is not God. I really have made friends with you over the last few weeks.

You guys of course have your choice of any skins unless I decide I want to have fun and make another skin because I'm bored heheheh. which are currently:

The Default: Lightning Farron from Final Fantasy XIII is on top with your basic blues, pinks, and greens with silver, black and white.

Blue Flora: Bleach on top, basically blue

Autumn: Exactly what it sounds like, Naruto and Minato in chibi form at the top

Strawberry: L has a giant strawberry, red and greenish

Sakura: xxxHolic on top, pinks and purples, some blue

Purple: Lelouch and C.C. on top, purple

Will of Fire: Reds, blacks, and whites; Jiraiya, Naruto, Hiruzen, Kakashi and Minato are on top

Green Ninja: Greens and blues, Nabari No Ou

Sunflower: Yellows and blues, Yugi/Yami

The Butler, Posing: Dark blue, Kuroshitsuji

Butterfly Kisses: Vocaloids, light purples

Starlight Spotlight: Black Star (Soul Eater), sea foam-ish blue, yellows, etc.

Marukaite Chikyuu: Hetalia: Pinks, greens, and yellows <3

Stars and Stripes: England and America from Hetalia, red, white, and blue. *it's Patriotic :D*

Currently, our default skin is TBA. Well...for Dec., anyway. 8D I have yet to make it. LOL

Take your pick. <3 Remember, if there's anything you want to ask me, Naruto, Chero, or DN-chan just ask!