Meeh work.


We're in our second arc now! We have a Professional Marketplace where people can get...actual jobs as people. Like police officers! And doctors! ^w^

Deidara And Itachi are teachers at the school because of community service, and an OC teacher, Chero is basically the PERSON WHO KEEPS THEM FROM FIGHTING. -w-;

New Members!
Hakai Ushiyama

RP Roles
Kurumu Kurono
Kakashi Hatake
(Our Current Misc Role) C.C.

After this arc, C.C. can be taken as an RP role! We've also instated a MONEY system! >D Which I don't need because I'm Hokage, I always have money :P

APPARENTLY, Sasuke has a stalker named Mizore. I TOLD HIM TO HURRY UP AND GET A GIRLFRIEND BUT NOOOO... C.C. the green haired girl that was in the panda suit that I kinda beat up is bothering Lelouch, the guy with the freaky eyes. And... *blush* I'm on a date with Chero. HAPPY HIME!? I SAID IT. MEH. :P

There's other stuff that goes on too...but...I don't feel like posting it. -w-

-Naruto Uzumaki, Hokage, Council Member, and all that good stuff.