Rules and Regulations

Concerning RPers

You MUST check with a Mod. I am part of another RP The Anime Academy and we would CONTINUALLY get RPers who did NOT check with a Mod first. There was much confusion, a little tension, and alot of hate towards this RPer for a LONG while. I don't want that again. Okay?

Please don't hate on the RPers. ^^; They're still people and if you send them random hate mail or something stupid like that, I will let them get a restraining order on you. You heard me right. Restraining order. Of course, sneaking into their houses or breaking down their doors will not cause this. As long as you are overall courteous to the RPer, who knows? You may be the one to date, befriend them, or make an employee out of them. ^^

Though this is supposedly LIKE life, I would like to remind you that it is NOT REAL LIFE. Getting married to an character or role, or whatever does not make you attached to them in real life. DO NOT TAKE IT COMPLETELY TO HEART. And you must remember, this RPer may not be the same age as you in real life, this is not their personality, ect, ect.

DO NOT BULLY RPERS. I get it if your character is in some ways stronger than most and if you land a punch it will hurt ALOT, but don't CONTINUOUSLY hold it over them. For example, my OC is incredibly strong because of her lineage. I can't bully someone who is NOT strong into doing something. unless I'm kidding around and it's Naruto. I mean EVERYONE beats up on him. Also, trying to BULLY our Hokage is NOT ACCEPTABLE. He is a sweet little fox boy. If you hurt him, not only will he Rasengan your axx, his fox will get you, Gaara of the funk will get you, Sasuke may get you, and I WILL MOST DEFINITELY GET YOU. Good? 8D

Take note, in this RP there are unfortunately NO OOC AREAS. If you want to go OOC, do it via PM. ^^ As long as that person doesn't tell, you're fine. However...

If you are an RPer and have abandoned or have gone OOC in public with your role(s) I will first give you a WARNING. The second time, your spot goes from occupied to vacant. Either you give up your place graciously, or we delete your account and/or ban you. INDEFINITELY. If you have an OC on the boards, the Mod Staff will not make you leave. Your OC acts the way you wish...but if your OC is too...shall we say, "evil" and/or bullying other people in general, I will ask you to leave. WITH MY FIST ^^