Le Storeh Thus Far~

OKAY! So far, we've established that weirdos *shuriken'd* I MEAN NEW PEOPLE...are moving in to Little Tokyo. -w- HAPPY?
But in the Hokage's office, something is wrong. A document has been stolen from my desk w.w A very IMPORTANT document...so I grabbed Sasuke's arm and dragged him into my office before I gave out too much information to Saime and Chero, some girls who were nosy trying to help me. ^w^ After alot of INSULTS, I got Sasuke to cooperate...and sent him to search Hime's house. >D She's his stalker, I think. xDD
And so...Sasuke broke and entered and now Hime's going to find and kill- wait, that didn't happen yet.
NEVERMIND! 8D *runs*