If you would like to RP, please contact Seventh Hokage.(Our Naruto RPer) <3 It's best if you don't comment here, unless asking which positions are open. ^^

To answer that question, I will answer this; A great deal of RP positions are open You just have to claim them. Of course, you can always choose to be an OC...or if you simply want to take a load off, make an OC character THEN RP, or vice versa. Be warned; this may prove to be more difficult. <3

I'm looking for RPers and OCs! Anyone can join, but RPers have to talk to me or Chero first. If you want to RP, you have to be GOOD AT IT!

Q. What if I don't want to RP as a cannon character?
A. Then don't! Just make your OC and try it out. Come on~ You know you wanna~<3
Q. What happens if I want to abandon my account/role or stop RPing? A. Tell the Mod Staff. We can pass the account to someone who has enough time, or wants the position.
Q. If I RP, does my role have to date? A. No. But it's highly recommended <3 Besides...if you're a girl and you play a guy, you never know how said role will act. It's like acting. They're different people from you.

Q. How do I let people know I'm here? A. If you have an account on theO- but only as yourself, I will announce it. But...if you make an RP account on this site- before you go to the proboards- then I will add you as a guest poster. You may introduce yourself, yadda yadda yadda, send a shout out, or whatever you want to do. You can also post questions...but if anything OUT there or completely out of character is seen on this world because of your post, I will take you off. I'm just trying to be realistic here...if it's too much of a hassle, PM myself or one of the Mods.

Is there a limit to how many people I RP as? There didn't used to be, but now there is. The Limit is two people. This is NOT including your OC. However...

Taking on there two roles AND your OC (if you make one, which is HIGHLY recommended) is alot of responsibility. You must make time to be on BOTH accounts, and not mix them. ALSO, if in one or BOTH of your roles you choose to date, you must keep up with that relationship! Or they might break up with you... D: That's sad, even though it's bound to happen.

(By the way, either and both sides of a relationship in this RP can break up with their boyfriend/girlfriend)

And also...I would like to warn EVERYONE that cheating and/or affairs ARE acceptable...if you're a jerk enough to do it. We'll all see who you REALLY are on this inside..*smirkity smirk smirk* This is an account where a restraining order can be given....