This Month~

Though the RP will officially start in January, our storyline has already begun.
Every few weeks or so, there will be a new arc- or theme to the RP- though altogether this RP is like a Sims game in a way. As I explained earlier, you can get/hold a job, own a business, marry, ect, ect. The "arc" will control certain things that go on in the board; Events, special meetings, all that good stuff.
By the way, arcs are usually created by the Mod/Admin staff, but if a member has an idea for a story arc- or something they'd like to try- just message a staff member.
Admins and Mods:
Hime Arai (Chief Admin)
Chero Aoyama (Admin)
Gaara of the Desert (Global Mod)
Naruto Uzumaki (Global Mod)

CURRENTLY: The storyline has to do with Naruto. We start out small. :D But as a hint; it's a bit of a mystery. Are you game?

There's onnnnne little catch; we can't start ths RP without members. So far we have six members other than the Staff. Why not join to see what it's about? ;D

RPers are needed, but OCs are needed more. If you wish to RP, contact a Staff member and make SURE to keep your identity as an RPer a secret. Got it? Shhh. ;D