Welcome to Little Tokyo, The place where anything is possible! The dead live! The emos are nice! (Well, somewhat) THE IDIOTS ARE HOKAGE! *shot* Well, you get the idea. Come and experience the AMAZZZZING and odd little town that exists under everyone's noses.

What is Little Tokyo?

Rules and Regulations

RP Info

Hime Arai (Chief Admin)
Chero Aoyama (Admin)
Elenor Aldrich (Global Mod)
Naruto Uzumaki (Admin)
Sasuke Uchiha (Paperboy or something 8D)



As most of you know, I keep changing the default skin.


Because before now, I hadn't decided on a final default skin. I won't change it anymore. Promise.

Oh. That's okay then. 8D You are awesome and thus forgiven!

Thank you, ominous voice in the sky that is not God. I really have made friends with you over the last few weeks.

You guys of course have your choice of any skins unless I decide I want to have fun and make another skin because I'm bored heheheh. which are currently:

The Default: Lightning Farron from Final Fantasy XIII is on top with your basic blues, pinks, and greens with silver, black and white.

Blue Flora: Bleach on top, basically blue

Autumn: Exactly what it sounds like, Naruto and Minato in chibi form at the top

Strawberry: L has a giant strawberry, red and greenish

Sakura: xxxHolic on top, pinks and purples, some blue

Purple: Lelouch and C.C. on top, purple

Will of Fire: Reds, blacks, and whites; Jiraiya, Naruto, Hiruzen, Kakashi and Minato are on top

Green Ninja: Greens and blues, Nabari No Ou

Sunflower: Yellows and blues, Yugi/Yami

The Butler, Posing: Dark blue, Kuroshitsuji

Butterfly Kisses: Vocaloids, light purples

Starlight Spotlight: Black Star (Soul Eater), sea foam-ish blue, yellows, etc.

Marukaite Chikyuu: Hetalia: Pinks, greens, and yellows <3

Stars and Stripes: England and America from Hetalia, red, white, and blue. *it's Patriotic :D*

Currently, our default skin is TBA. Well...for Dec., anyway. 8D I have yet to make it. LOL

Take your pick. <3 Remember, if there's anything you want to ask me, Naruto, Chero, or DN-chan just ask!